10 Inspiring Ways to Redecorate Your Living Space

There is nothing that will make you happier than decorating your living space so your family and loved ones can spend time in a well-designed space. When you are redecorating your living space it is important that you showcase your aesthetic. Don’t hold back on experimenting with colours, fun textures and patterns and creative furniture layouts. Your living space needs to be comfortable, full of style and inviting for you and your family. If you like to design things this is the time to put your favourite trends to the test. It doesn’t matter if you want to go bold with metallic wall paint or stick to plain white walls, it is your time to shine and create the best living space where you and our family will feel the best. 


Get Creative With Storage Ideas

When you are redecorating your living space it is important that you create a lot of storage space. That way you will keep your home looking declutter and clean all the time. There are so many creative ways that you can create more storage and still have your living space look stylish. You can use oversized glass containers and put them on your shelves to create more storage and still have your shelves look cool and neat. If you like your shelves as they are, you can use woven baskets to store magazines, cords or extra blankets while having interesting decor pieces. 


Swap Out Your Lighting

Lighting is the best and the easiest way to set the mood or enhance your colour scheme. Swap out your existing bulb with LED ones to brighten up your living space and save energy at the same time. There are so many ways you can revamp your existing lights by painting the base of the floor lamp or if you are not willing to do DIY’s, you can simply find a new fun ceiling fixture.


Add a Fun Rug

You don’t need to spend a lot of money and time in order to decorate your living space. You can add a fun bright or patterned area rug and that will make your space look redone and cozy. If you want to create dimension in your space you can layer a smaller rug over a larger area rug. This is also a great way to add a pop of colour or some fun texture to your space. 


Play With Contrast 

You don’t need to do the usual black and white to achieve contrast in the room, you can get the same effect with contrasting neutral colours. Playing with contrasting neutral colours will create a welcoming and rich feel in your living space. For example, you can pair white walls with caramel leather or grey furniture with baby blue cabinets. To make it even more contrasting you can pair furniture that has different undertones and finishes. 


Go With Movable Furniture

When you are choosing lightweight stools, ottomans and tables you are not having a set place for them and you can move them around as needed. That way you will create a more comfortable room where your family will have so many options for putting their feet up or seating extra guests. If you choose smaller furniture pieces you will have more space to move around those pieces. 


Add Some Greenery

A great popular trend that has been going around Australia is adding a lot of flowers and plants around your home. Adding plants will make your living healthy and happy. You can add small indoor trees to make your corners look chicer or add flowers in vases on your tables to make your living space look happier and lively. You don’t even need to go out and try to find the perfect flowers or plants because there are companies that do Perth flower delivery. It will save you time and bring happiness and colour to your living space.


Swap Out Your Lampshades

This one is a really simple and fast way of redecorating your living space. You can change your lampshades depending on what season it is. Your options are truly endless, and there is no wrong shade you can pick. It all depends on what kind of atmosphere you want to create in your living space.  


Have Fun With Texture

Most people forget about the magic of combining textures when they start redecorating their space. Textures are the best ways to make a room feel nice and cozy. The easiest way to do this is to add pillows that are different textures, but you can take it up a notch and combine textures like leather with cotton or stone and glass.


Paint Your Shelves Fun Colours

By painting the shelves with fun colours you are making the objects that are on those shelves will pop and make your room more alive. The only thing you need to do is to paint the background of life and contour it. Just a little colour will bring more life to a room and make it cheerful and lively.


Make An Accent Wall

Painting an accent wall has become a common thing when someone wants to change up the look of their space. Because there are a lot of people who just don’t like the look of a bold accent wall in their living room, there is an option that is much more subtle and natural. Instead of painting the wall, install brick tiles and make an accent wall with them. It will make your room feel more modern and it is a really creative way of redecorating your space.

There is a need to redecorate your whole living space all at once, start small in those areas that you are unhappy with. Keep in mind that redecorating should be fun so don’t take it too seriously. Your home decor is a way to express yourself with style and colour. Make the most out of redecorating your living space and don’t be scared to be creative and experiment.