10 Ways to Add Coziness to Your Small Living Space

What makes a living room cozy? Is it the amount of furniture you have cramped in there or maybe a style you have in that room? Then again it might be the size of the living room. 

Regardless of the style you’ve got going on in your living space or the size of it, it’s the details and small things that truly make any room cozy, inviting, and comfortable. 

And if we’re being honest a small living space is not only easier to make more comfortable and inviting, but also the fact that it’s small adds a certain charm to it. 

If you have a small living space and you’re looking for a way to add coziness to it you’re in the right place. We have compiled a small list of all design secrets that can make your living room inviting and cozy, so let’s check it out.

Accent walls 

When talking about small living spaces designers tend to recommend sticking with white walls to brighten the space and make it feel bigger. However, having a small living room doesn’t mean that you can’t play with colour.

Every cozy living space deserves a feature or accent wall. The accent or feature wall is one wall of your choosing that can be different in colour. Usually, people like to go with bold colours that stand out. If you aim to make your space feel cozier, we advise you to stick with warm tones like shades of red, rust, and brown.

Choosing the right rug

Often we have to deal with what we have when it comes to floors. Currently, wood flooring and even tiles are what everyone is installing in their homes. And while there is nothing wrong with sleek wooden floors or easy to clean tile ones, they don’t really scream warm and cozy. 

The goal is to make the living space cozy and inviting and only a good rug can do that. For small spaces, it may seem like there is no right solution. However, the trick is to choose larger rugs that will make the room seem bigger. This is because large rugs anchor the space and don’t visually break up the room. And if you are brave enough to go for a bolder pattern rug – even better.

Don’t be afraid to choose large rugs for your living room. Many people feel like the maintenance of the large rug is not worth the hustle. But taking care of your rug doesn’t have to be a problem if you also invest in doormats. 

Doormats are ideal for keeping the floors clean and thus reducing your cleaning time. And if you decide to check out Mat Shop, you’ll see that their mats are made of eco-friendly materials that make your entrance cozy and inviting.

Be brave and buy that large bold patterned rug that will make your living room cozy and beautiful.

Natural light

No one likes small spaces, but small spaces with little to no light are uninviting, cold, and far from cozy. For small spaces, natural light can be god-given. A cozy room is a room that has a lot of natural light and if a small living room has a good amount of natural light in it – perfect.

So, for all of you who feel like their living space lacks natural light, uncover all your windows and let the light filter in. If you can and if your house allows it, you can invest in the big floor to ceiling sliding windows to ensure that your living room is always bathed in natural light.

Other types of lighting

On the other hand, some spaces are small and don’t have enough natural lighting and there is simply nothing that can be done about that. However, that doesn’t mean that those kinds of living spaces can’t be made cozy, warm, and inviting. 

You can play around with artificial lighting. Different types of lamps and ambience lighting can add more warmth and coziness to a small room. And while natural light is always welcome and important, you can add something extra with floor and table lamps as well. 

Textures and layering

Incorporating warm colours into a small living space will make it cozy, but you can go a step further and include different textures for added coziness and warmth.

Layers of different textures can make any room seem inviting and comfortable. Mixing different textures implies playing around with pillows and blankets, also rugs and drapes.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match in order to get the desired effect of depth and warmth in your living room.

Ottomans instead of coffee tables

If you’re looking to add even more texture to your living room, you can do this by swapping your coffee table with a soft yet elegant button-tufted ottoman. Apart from giving you additional texture, with ottomans, you can make better use of your space. 

Ottomans can serve both as coffee tables and additional seating when needed. They are perfect for small living spaces. And besides, the nice thing about them apart from adding extra coziness and warmth to your living space, they are also both elegant and casual at the same time.

Throw blankets and cushions

You know what screams boring and impersonal? A couch without throw pillows and a chunky throw blanket. No matter how beautiful your sofa or couch is if there are no interesting throw pillows or a cozy blanket the coziness level of your living space will drop significantly.

The whole purpose of fluffy patterned cushions and blankets is to bring comfort and give the feel of coziness and warmth to any room. 

So, don’t waste your time and go in search of nice, decorative throw cushions and a blanket that will make a perfect addition to your sofa.   

Mirrors and more mirrors

It’s far from a secret that mirrors can make a small room feel bigger. That’s why incorporating mirrors to your living space is a great idea. 

A mirror can be placed on the mantel above your fireplace, you can also layer two framed mirrors if you’re aiming for something a bit different. Tiled mirrors are also very much in right now. You, yourself can DIY a mirrored wall in your living room if that’s something that appeals to you.


Any room that has books in it is a room much more elegant and inviting, not to mention sophisticated and cozy. Books also give a personal touch to every space. 

So, don’t shy away from putting all your books on display on shelves. Bookshelves come in many different shapes and forms – from a wall full of books to a small yet stylish bookshelf – whatever works best for your living space.

The important thing to know is that your books can make a huge impact on your living space making it more sophisticated, elegant, cozy, and inviting.

Personal touches and knick-knacks

You know how they say that the devil is in the details? It’s true, even when it comes to creating a comfortable and inviting living space. So what kind of details can make your living room cozier?

A cozy place is a place that has character and charm. You can put your personal stamp on your living room by placing all kinds of knick-knacks and personalized accents. This means placing your favourite vases on display, family photos, artwork and so much more. 

Display all these items on shelves, walls, fireplace mantel, or entertainment center. Arrange them in a way you find most suitable and there you have it – a cozy living space with character.


As you can see, you don’t need to break your bank in order to make your living space cozier. All you need is a few ideas and you can add coziness to almost any room in your home.

Making a living space cozy is important because this is the place where you spend most of your days, reading, watching TV, or simply enjoying the room. So why not make it comfortable and inviting?