13 Main Uses of Perspex Sheeting in Your Home

Perspex is a vinyl polymer obtained from the synthesis of methyl methacrylate. The material was invented at the beginning of the 20th century by Otto Rohm, which was a real revolution in chemistry. Thanks to this discovery, not only new technologies appeared, but also new areas of production. Today it has become indispensable in architecture and design, it is difficult to imagine the production of furniture, clocks or appliances without the use of perspex. It is used in almost all spheres — construction, transport, advertising, trade, etc.

Perspex is a fairly versatile material. It can be polished, engraved, welded and glued together. In construction, perspex is a good alternative to silicate glass. It is more than twice lighter and ten times stronger than ordinary glass. When broken, it doesn’t form dangerous fragments. Perspex has excellent heat and sound insulating properties. It transmits more light, has good optical properties, does not distort the image, and is resistant to various atmospheric phenomena. It can not only be bent but also given almost any shape.

Composition, technical characteristics and properties

Perspex has the following technical characteristics:

  • Density 1.19 g / cm³
  • Tensile strength (+23 °C) 
  • Maximum operating temperature +80 °C
  • Softening point + 95-105 °C
  • Forming temperature + 150-155 °C
  • Melting point +160 °C
  • Ignition temperature +260 °C

Perspex products can be modified with other chemical elements in order to improve specific properties, for example, to make the product impact-resistant, light-transmitting, light-scattering, heat-resistant, UV-proof, noise-proof, etc.

For this, the production of perspex is carried out with a change in its structure or the addition of related components. Perspex is an organic material that is formally called glass, but in reality, it belongs to a different category of substances. It is used to create all kinds of products, that have the following properties:

  • Insignificant thermal conductivity, in comparison with traditional glass;
  • Due to the unique structure, Perspex products are not susceptible to the negative effects of moisture and pathogenic microorganisms;
  • A large indicator of light transmittance, it does not change during operation, retaining the original colour;
  • The material is durable and resistant to mechanical damage;
  • The production of Perspex and other structural elements is carried out without the use of harmful substances;
  • The thermoforming method makes it possible to implement various design solutions while maintaining optical qualities;
  • Machining enables workers to create highly detailed products.

The scope of application of Perspex is expanding due to its electrical insulating qualities and resistance to aggressive chemical environments. The price of it depends on various factors, including size, design complexity, properties, purpose, etc.

Perspex products

Commercial equipment made of perspex is a popular product in the modern market since products made from this material have unique properties and are distinguished by an affordable cost.

It is actively used to create:

  • light letters;
  • architectural structures;
  • partitions;
  • containers;
  • banners;
  • shields;
  • greenhouses;
  • unique design solutions;
  • advertising structures.

Perspex constructions are used even in industry and agriculture, furniture is made of it, for example, a Perspex tabletop.

A wide variety of colours allows you to create original products that are used in the trade and furniture sectors.

In the interior of the house and office, Perspex is actively used on the tabletop. Unlike ordinary glass, there are no scratches and no characteristic unpleasant sound when in contact with cutlery. Perspex sheets can also be installed on the wall. In the kitchen, the material is used in the form of an apron for the working area.

Perspex is also popular for gazebos. It separates the interior without obstructing the view. Perspex for the terrace copes with the task. It can be used as a canopy with unusual parameters. You can use perspex for a greenhouse, it allows providing the necessary conditions for plant growth. Sunlight penetrates well while protection from atmospheric precipitation remains.

Other applications

The material has high functionality, durability, variety of external performance. This allows it to be widely used in various fields:

  • a Perspex aquarium creates an airtight space, has a standard or unusual shape;
  • Perspex on the roof provides protection from precipitation and wind, provides a panoramic view;
  • Perspex for greenhouses creates structures of unusual shapes of significant size;
  • Perspex on the car creates a good view, and due to the strength and lightness of the structure, it is not damaged by external factors;
  • Perspex for a computer is widely used in the creation of a transparent case filled with decorative lighting;


Perspex has become a part of our life. It can literally be found at every step — at home, in the office, in the store, on the street. The scope of application of this material is very wide, and, in all likelihood, in the near future it will not give up its positions, on the contrary, new products from Perspex and original options for its use will appear.