2017: Top 10 areas to own property in the UK

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What does it take to make it on to the top 10 idyllic areas to own a property within the UK? Quality of health, expected lifespan, job prospects and with that career earnings, crime rates and finally excellent opportunities for socialising.

Even still when analysing these areas, we have considered internet access, does superfast broadband enhance the quality of one’s life? The number of pubs?

The top 10 areas do indeed highlight that money doesn’t after all buy you a good quality of life. An example being Kensington and Chelsea which have the highest average weekly income at more than £1,200 but rank as the 55th best area to live in the UK.

On the flipside, it was the people in East Antrim in Northern Ireland that have the highest level of satisfaction throughout the UK and were left with a general feel good factor for what is a life worth living. But, this doesn’t translate into a good place to live with the area ranking at 183 on the list.

  1. Chiltern

This beautiful part of Buckinghamshire consists of the historic towns of Amersham and Great Missenden. It is often said that the biggest homes in the country are located here and with that comes the highest life expectancy at 86.7 years for females.

  1. Wokingham 

This is a great town for those wanting to commute into the city of London. From countryside to city in just a short period of time is what attracts commuters to the area. 97% of household rate themselves in good or fairly good health, this is likely due to the high level of fitness clubs that are available to people living in the area.

  1. St Albans 

The third highest salaries can be found in St. Albans, sitting pretty at £1,018 per week, which is way more than the current average of £646. Although, in keeping with high salaries are high house prices representing 10.8 times the income. Another interesting fact is that St. Albans has a very high population of adults that have qualifications, 63% to be precise.

  1. Purbeck 

Is there a correlation between sunshine and happiness? It could be so given that this area of coast on the Dorset coastline gets 1,722 hours of sunshine each year. With high levels of happiness and even higher levels of satisfaction, this is an area not to be missed. If you are looking for a high quality of life, this could be the one.

  1. South Cambridgeshire

What makes South Cambridgeshire attractive is that the commute into the city is an easy one. So many of “The City” top talent has chosen the area as it offers good quality of life for the family but easy access to the high paying jobs on offer in London. With low levels of rainfall and even higher levels of life expectancy, the package on offer is often too good to resist.

  1. Hambleton 

Hambleton has a lot of pubs! More than 20 pubs per 10,000 people is what puts this wonderful area of North Yorkshire firmly on the map. In addition to the pubs, there are high levels of employment and small class sizes at school. At the very least, if you are unable to buy here, do make a visit.

  1. Derbyshire Dales 

What makes the Dales so attractive is that there is a very high level of employment, sitting rather pretty at 87.7% whereas the national average is just 35.6%. The number of pubs is also very high, 27 for every 10,000 adults. But more than anything is the beautiful scenery and the rolling hills that create ample opportunities for hiking and enjoying the great outdoors.

  1. Wychavon

This stunning part of Worcestershire, just by the Malverns and the Cotsworld is a cracker! With a vast array of beautiful architecture and many gyms on offer, the quality of life scores very well.

  1. Orkney Islands 

The Orkney Islands comes in at second, with little traffic on the roads, high employment and low levels of crime, the Orkney Islands always rank very well on quality of life surveys. Another interesting point is that resident are 96.6% in good health, this is staggering quality of life in comparison to the rest of the UK.

  1. Winchester

Coming in first place on the FJP Investment list of top 10 areas to own property in the UK is Winchester in Hampshire. The people are the happiest and most satisfied in the country, the enjoy a low crime rate and great health. With above average earnings, what is there not to like?

Residential property investment is always a top attraction for investors, another area that is rapidly gaining the attention of private investors is the commercial sector.

The North-South divide when it comes to buying and earning an income from property has never been clearer. With the South paying the best wages it is the South that charges the highest premium for those wanting to own property.

Meanwhile up in the North, you will find property is far cheaper and more affordable, though here too is the correlation, lower property prices equal lower paying jobs.

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