3 ways to lift the value of your home

Spring is traditionally the time of year when the property market comes out of hibernation. Spurred on by longer days and warmer weather, home hunters turn their attention to finding the perfect property.

propertyIf you’re looking at improving the chances of selling your home for its maximum value in the shortest time possible, here are 3 things you can do to increase the value of any residential property before it goes on the market.

1 Renovate the bathroom or kitchen

A poorly laid out bathroom or a dirty, grimy kitchen will quickly put viewers off making a realistic offer on your home.

Try to go for a design that is timeless. Budget kitchens and bathrooms are widely available, but spending a little more money could seal the deal with a potential buyer.

2 Loft conversion

A loft conversion is a great way to put the space you already have to good use. You can convert the loft you have already into a working room, or extend the roof to provide yourself with more space to work with.

It is important that you check whether or not your loft is suitable for a conversion before starting on construction. Not every loft is suitable, although it should be pretty easy to tell from just a brief survey.

Loft conversions are popular for adding bedrooms to a property as often the master bedroom is moved to the loft. Guest bedrooms are also good in loft conversions, or as an office or games room if you’re not lacking in extra bedroom space.

3 Build a conservatory

Conservatories are guaranteed to raise the value of a property as they provide large, multifunctional space for all the family to use. Whether you want to use it as a sitting room, a dining room or simply as a games room for the time being, a conservatory is a worthwhile investment to make.

As with making any kind of extension, it is important that you get planning consent before you start building a conservatory, as it could be very time consuming and expensive to tear down a half built conservatory if you get a notice from the council. Better to be safe than sorry!

Of course, it is important that you give yourself a reasonable budget when making extensions or improvements to your home, as you don’t want to run out of money halfway through the project.

Unless you have a specific deadline, you should have plenty of time to make the improvements you need before putting your home on the market.

This article was provided by Sara Bryant, working with Barry Home Buyersa family-run business in Wales that was consulted over this content.