How 3D Rendering Became A Game Changer In Real Estate Development

Over the years the real estate industry has gone through an array of changes yet few have had the impact on the industry that 3D rendering has.

The 3D render is used to create the most accurate and detailed depiction of what a property is going to look like before it is constructed.

Being able to offer such a highly detailed visualization of a property has completely changed the game and it has done this in a number of ways.

The impact of this has been felt in every aspect of the industry and here is why it has had the impact which it has.


Realistic Imaging

The most important improvement which 3D rendering has brought about is the realism by which it is able to create images of a property.

Previously we had sketches of course and even once we entered the digital age we had computerized mockups.

Not until 3D rendering arrived, however, were we able to deliver such a high quality and perfect visualization of exactly what a property would look like, right down to the very smallest details. This realism has given more confidence to investors and helped designers to truly hone their ideas to get the look that they want.

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When compared with 3D models, the build-to-scale examples which we would once have seen are incredibly high cost, and they offer a poorer end product.

Not only can money be saved in the ease of which these models can be created, as well as the lack of materials required, but there is also a cost-saving which can be made thanks to a faster process.

Owing to less time being required to create a 3D render, there is plenty of money to be saved and happier customers as a result of the fast turnaround.

Branching Out

Thanks to this digital approach to mocking up how a property or set of properties will look, it has even architects and designers the ability to reach out across the world for clients.

Equally, we now have clients who know that they can search the world for the best designers to work with and that the logistics of doing business together are now easier to do than they have ever been before.

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Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is critical in the selling of residential and commercial property.

In the past, however, because we weren’t able to give the buyer the perfect depiction of what they could expect once the build was finished, there would often be some level of complaint and push back from the client, seeking changes and last-minute alterations.

This will not be the case now that we have 3D rendering because ultimately the client will have a crystal clear understanding of what the place is going to look like once it has been built, right down to the last brick.

This tech is still advancing and it has already completely changed the game with regards to the real estate industry.