4 Home Improvements You Should Do Before Winter

Whether you like it or not, winter is just around the corner and autumn is well and truly here. Despite the sudden cold weather, many of us still find that we a have a list of improvements which we are still working on from the spring and summer. Some home improvements must be finished before the weather worsens, so it may be time to get started on them and take the time to finish them before the end of autumn. 


Driveway Resurfacing

Many people tend to schedule in driveway resurfacing in the spring or summer months as the dry and warmer weather means that the work can be completed much faster. However, driveway applications and repairs can be carried out during autumn, if needed. You must keep in mind that you will have to work with whatever weather conditions the autumn weather brings when you are resurfacing your driveway. 

Some materials, such as quick-mix cement and sealant, require a certain minimum temperature in order to properly cure and dry. Almost every type of driveway repair or resurface requires dry weather conditions, so you will want to pay close attention to the weather forecast. 


Upgrading Windows

The windows in your home are meant to provide you with unspoilt views out to your surrounding landscape and thanks to advancements, many of us now have modern windows which are more energy efficient or have climate controlling technologies, which then result in lower energy bills. In some cases, installing these windows can have up to a 20% better heat retention during the colder months. 

When carrying out this kind of home improvement, it is vital that the right type of weatherproof materials are applied along the seams and joints. In order to benefit the most from this improvement, you should get these windows installed just before the end of autumn. 


Landscape Your Garden

Unless you want to be dealing with a mud bath, then it’s best not to make any large improvements to your garden in the winter. Adverse rain, wind and frost will just ruin any new grass or seedlings which you have planted and the mud may ruin beyond repair if it gets particularly muddy. Instead, wait until the spring and care for your garden in the meantime – cover up your sustainable garden furniture, deadhead any plants and remove debris and weeds from flowerbeds.


Roof Repairs

It is important to have a solid and complete roof over your head before the bad weather, including hail, snow and rain, hits. Not only will a complete roof protect you and your belongings from the weather, but a lack of a properly secure and structurally sound roof may well lead to other problems further down the line and a larger roof repair needed in the future. Roofs which have minor leaks or missing shingles can usually be repaired by an able-bodied handyman homeowner, but larger jobs, such as a brand new roof installation or replacement of a larger section of roof tiles, needs to be done by professionals.