4 ways to beat the burglar

As companies come up with technological advances to improve home security, thieves are also improving and sharing their know-how of how to get round security systems.

home-securityBut before you invest in a state-of-the-art security system, here are four simple changes you can make to your home that can drastically reduce the chances of you falling victim to a break-in.

1. Keep your keys out of sight

If there is a place where you hang all your keys after coming in from work, consider whether it is visible to anyone outside your home. When you peek through your letterbox, are your keys in view? If the answer is yes, you should reconsider its location.

Visible key hooks are like treasure maps to thieves. If a thief sees a number of keys hanging up in plain sight, they are going to start wondering about what those keys will unlock. Stay safe and make sure your key box is hidden from outside view, or at the very least, you can also lock it with another key to be placed in a more secure location.

2. Replace rusty door hinges

You could have the most secure door in the world, but if its hinges are weak all other security devices are redundant. By checking your hinges regularly you could prevent thieves from exploiting a loophole in your home security.

If your door hinges appear weak, you can always replace them with the assistance of a professional ironmonger, or better still replace the whole door. If you do decide to upgrade your front door, try to avoid doors with portholes or windows as thieves can look into your home and assess the layout of your house.

3. Letterbox security

Is your letterbox close to the door lock? How visible is the interior of your home from your letterbox? Some thieves will use the letterbox as a way to get a look inside the house before they attempt to break in at a later date. By installing a bottomless gate over the letterbox, or putting a letterbox cover over the box, you can stop potential thieves in their tracks by giving them nothing to look at.

And never purchase a door with a letterbox close to the locking mechanism, as thieves may be able to reach in through the letterbox and break the lock.

4. Hide your spare keys

Where do you leave your spare keys in case you lose your own? Under the mat? On the windowsill? In a plant pot? These will be the first places a potential thief will look when trying to enter your property.

You are far better off leaving a spare key with a trusted neighbour or relative who can help you if you ever lose yours. Alternatively, you can also install a safe deposit box, perhaps around the back of your property, where entering a code will open the box revealing your spare key inside. This has been used by home-owners who rent their flats out to holidaymakers but it can easily find use in your home too.

Even if you live in relatively peaceful neighbourhood, suffering from a break-in is not only an expensive experience, it can feel extremely violating and have long-lasting effects. Be safe, not sorry, and secure your home.

Article provided by Quality Ironmongery, a fence furnishing company specialising in security measures for the home.