4 Ways to Save Money and Time When Working with a Painting Contractor

Similar to most trades and services, there are significant differences between companies. Some will be less expensive but may offer a lesser quality service, while others may cost more, but they can be worthwhile if you have the funds. Some, however, are a disaster both in terms of service and cost, meaning that you don’t receive the value you spend.

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In addition, if the painting isn’t finished correctly from the beginning, it may be necessary to tackle the entire painting process again causing additional expense to you. Thus, selecting the best painters at the right cost is where the process starts.

If you’re conscious of your spending budget there are some ways to save money on your bottom line.

1. Preparation

A large portion of the painting process is getting the room ready, this requires a lot of time. An unprepared paint job could be an unnecessary waste of time and energy, which is why it’s essential to clean and ensure you have the surfaces in a good condition to allow the paint to be applied.

In most cases, the contractor is required to perform some professional preparation, however, if you are able to manage some of the work prior to them it could mean that you are able to cut your labour cost. A professional painting company may be able to offer you a discount if you are willing to do some or all of the preparation work. For instance, if you’re using a paint maintenance service on a regular basis and have a cleaner that keeps the surface in good condition all through the year, the preparation work may be reduced.

2. Keep your surfaces in good condition 

The process of updating and refreshing your businesses and homes is essential. When you are exposed to the extreme conditions of the weather, the exterior coating of your home is damaged. The weather continues to contribute to the destruction by placing your home under the blazing sun and humidity, storms and blowing sand and so on.

Don’t wait until you see cracks, peeling, or the paint is blistering. Make sure to paint every 7-8 years, but if the surface is in good shape and is in good condition, you might need only an initial coat rather than two. If the surface has been damaged in a severe way, it may require additional time and expense to make it ready for your decorator. If the surfaces are in great shape and in good condition, you’ll need shorter time, which will save some money that you can spend on the latest decor items instead of handing them to your painter.

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3. Ask for recommendations

Find painters recommended from friends and family when you are planning to revamp your business or home painting project. Consider getting multiple estimates before settling on the painting contractor. This emphasises how important it is that you take your time and do your research. Look up painting companies local to you on the internet. You can also browse through other projects, request recommendations and talk to their previous clients. What are the awards the company has been awarded? How long has the company been operating?

Reading customer reviews and testimonials , and speaking with representatives could help determine whether there’s a referral bonus or other seasonal discounts that may not be advertised on the internet.

4. Choose an experienced painter

The best advice you can get in order to save money is to locate an experienced painter who is able to complete the work better than any other. In most cases it will cost more initially however, in the long run you will pay less in maintenance.

Talk to and interact with the painting contractor when making the decision on the cost. Get a clear understanding of the procedure, understand the process in full and also the names of the product to ensure an accurate costing schedule with no hidden charges. If you can opt for an agreement written in writing.

The bottom line is that the goal of saving money is getting value. If you’re looking to get the best value for your money over time the importance of quality above everything else should be your top primary concern.