5 Benefits of Laminate Flooring

When asking homeowners what they think about laminate flooring, it’s not uncommon to be met with some contention. It’s fair to say that over the years, laminate has gained somewhat of a bad reputation, often being regarded as a last resort, or for those who are working on a strict budget. Whilst it may not yield the same traditional aesthetic as its solid and engineered counterparts, laminate does in fact offer a myriad of benefits. Since its conception in the 1970’s, manufacturers have worked tirelessly to improve and develop the product, making it a contender worthy of consideration.

Still need convincing? Here’s 5 benefits of laminate flooring that are sure to change your mind!

5 Benefits of Laminate Flooring

Easy Installation

Although renovating your home is always an exciting time, it’s not without its challenges. Many homeowners dread the installation phase of their project. With real wood, fitting requires excessive labour, time, and materials, proving difficult for even those with experience. In comparison, laminate is hassle free. The intuitive click installation system allows each board to fit together seamlessly and securely. This removes the necessity of adhesives and other equipment. Additionally, laminate’s particle board construction is easy to cut, minimising labour even further. This is sure to save you time and money, and help your renovation go smoothly.

Resistant to Heat and Moisture

When you install new flooring, you need to feel assured that it will deliver an outstanding performance, no matter where it’s fitted. With some flooring solutions, fluctuations in humidity and moisture can lead to warping and shrinkages. This damages the flooring, reducing lifespan and increasing costs. Thankfully, this isn’t the case with laminate. Whether installed in kitchens, conservatories, or above underfloor heating, the structural integrity of the board will not be compromised. This means enhanced versatility, allowing you to enjoy your new laminate flooring in more rooms within your home.

Low Maintenance

Nobody enjoys spending their time completing chores! Whilst some flooring solutions require a deft hand and specialised equipment to keep clean, laminate is easily maintained with a simple mop, broom, or cloth. The hard surface refrains from harbouring dust and debris, meaning less time spent with the vacuum. Additionally, laminate boards are naturally stain resistant, and will not become scratched or scuffed under the pressure of daily foot traffic.


No matter what lifestyle, décor, or interior design you love, there’s one thing that we all have in common: We’re always looking to save money! Some homeowners are even put off from buying hardwood flooring because of the initial steep costs. With laminate, you’re guaranteed to leave your bank account unharmed. Manufactured from wood composites such as HDF, laminate is cheap and easy to produce, reducing the costs for prospective buyers. This means you can still get the authentic character of wood grains, whilst paying a fraction of the price.

New and Improved Design

Many homeowners believe that laminate looks inauthentic. When laminate was first introduced to the market, it was common for the flooring to look flat, low quality, and a cheap imitation of the real thing. Since then, it has become a bespoke piece, replicating the subtleties of real wood in photorealistic detail. Due to updates in flooring technologies, laminate flooring can now mimic the complex textures of wood with embossed surfaces and bevelled edges. The aesthetic layer is often indistinguishable from solid wood flooring, offering a wide variation in species and style. As a result, the appearance of your home is sure to be improved, adding charm, personality, and warmth.