5 Easy Home Improvements to Increase Home Value

Every homeowner looks for ways to increase their home value, regardless of the style and age of the home. No matter who you are, we all like living in nicely decorated and well-established homes that actually have some value. Not only does this value make us feel more comfortable in and proud of our own home, but it also allows us to set a higher price when making a sale or renting the place out. You don’t have to invest your life savings into increasing your home value, though. Here are some easy home improvements you can take advantage of and bring your home to a whole other level.


1. Introduce more storage space

Let’s face it, no matter how frugal and minimalistic we are, we still have a lot of stuff. Not having enough storage space could definitely be the reason your home won’t sell for the price you wanted. You can work on this by maximizing your storage space and introducing more of it.

Incorporate a bigger closet into the bedroom, add beautiful shelving to the living room, and make sure the bathroom has its own cabinets. You could also go with multifunctional furniture if you want to be extra creative.


2. Refinish the floors

Out of everything in the house, the floors may be the ones that suffer the most damage. There’s constant traffic in the rooms and wear and tear is inevitable. Worn out hardwood floors are definitely a big reason why house value can decrease. Instead of replacing the entire floors, you can simply make them shine again.

Not only is refinishing the floors cheaper, but it’s also more convenient. In the end, you’ll have an amazing final product that’ll drive up the home value once more. 


3. Upgrade the lights

The lights are the last thing you pay attention to in your home, but can be the thing that makes or breaks the ambience and atmosphere. Upgrading the lights in your home is essential for adding value to the property. The first thing you can do here is to switch from traditional to LED light bulbs. Not only are LED bulbs more eco-friendly and save energy, but they also make the place look much fancier and nicer.

The second thing you can do is to actually replace all the light fixtures. Replace them with more modern and suitable lamps and fixtures, and the place will feel entirely new once again. 


4. Add some shade

If your home has a back or front yard, you definitely need some beautiful shade sails to cover them up. We all know how harsh summer can be and how unpredictable autumn can be when it comes to rain. Why should you risk your yard getting ruined by the rain and harsh sun? The shade sails will give you the comfort and security you need. They’ll allow you to spend time outside regardless of the weather, which is also excellent news for your kids. There’s no more reason to stay inside when the yard offers so many opportunities for fun!

The fact that the home is now so comfortable and nice means that the value is much higher. Just by adding some shade, you’ve managed to make your home more luxurious, more beautiful, and definitely worth much more. If you ever decide on selling the place, you’ll see just how impressed potential buyers are by your shade sails.


5. It’s time to repaint

No matter how much you love the colours in your house, you have to admit that they’re getting a bit old. You’ve probably had the same colours up for ages and you’ve probably noticed they started to crack. As well as that, you may also notice they’re not as clean and vibrant as they were when you first painted the walls.

If you want to add some value to your home, you’re going to need to repaint the entire house. The matter of the fact is that colours fade and change regardless of how careful we are. Traces of life and activity are seen on the walls, which is completely normal, but can damage the overall aesthetic appeal of the house over time. By repainting, you’re refreshing your home and making something old new again. There’s no way your home isn’t going to be more valuable after this step.



As you can see, these home improvements aren’t that complicated but can mean the world to your home. Thanks to them, you’ll increase your home value and actually improve your house drastically. Not only will it be worth more, but it will also be more beautiful and comfortable. You’ll absolutely love the new additions to the home and won’t mind the initial investment. After all, you’ll know it all pays off in the long run.