5 organic pest control techniques

None of us want to deal with a pest infestation. Here are 5 organic techniques for getting rid of unwelcome visitors from your home and garden without resorting to using toxic chemicals.


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1 Make your home as clean as possible

It’s better to avoid a pest infestation altogether rather than having to deal with the problem once they’re already in your home. The best way to do this is by making your home, particularly your kitchen, as clean as possible.

Most pests are attracted to your home because they see it as an easy source of food. To prevent them coming into your house, make sure that all surfaces in your kitchen are completely clean and there are no remnants of food left anywhere. You should also take care not to leave any rubbish lying around, especially old alcohol containers that can very quickly attract fruit flies.


2 Cedar oil

Cedar oil is derived from foliage such as tree roots and wood, making it a completely natural solution for dealing with pests. It can either be burned or applied directly to plants, bedding and even pets to keep them free of insects such as spiders and ants. It’s also very effective as a flea repellent when applied to pets – although it should only be used on larger pets that are 6 months or older.


3 Non-lethal traps

If you’re dealing with a rodent infestation then you can deal with the problem by using non-lethal traps. This enables you to catch any rats or mice without killing them, so you can release them back into the wild. Be sure to release them at least a mile from your house and make sure they’re not near anyone else’s house either.

There are many types of non-lethal traps available for different kinds of pests. When using traps, be sure to use enough of them and to place them in the right spots in your house.


4 Soapy water

While ants are a very annoying type of pest to deal with, the good news is that there’s a very easy-to-make solution to get rid of them. Mixing a vegetable-based soap with water will give you a very effective means of dealing with ants. You can either pour it outside your house where you’ve noticed the ants in larger numbers, or you can create a spray to use inside your home.


5 Removing the source

Birds tend to build their homes around any water sources. Eliminating these will make it harder for birds to gather in your garden. Water sources usually consist of:

  • Bird baths
  • Areas in the garden where rainwater collects
  • Water in and around gutters


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