5 Problems with Renovating an Old House

There are many reasons to purchase an old home and remodel it to your needs. For one, it’s less expensive than buying a new home even with the restoration costs. There’s also a nice retro aesthetic that can’t really be imitated unless a home has a history behind it.

However, there are also concerns you’ll need to deal with when purchasing an old house that you wouldn’t have to with something that was built more recently or that you’ve built yourself. Some of these are about additional costs, but some are about health and safety as well.


Old windows

One of the first things to inspect and possibly change with your new home is the windows. There are several reasons for doing so. First of all, old windows aren’t insulated that well and you may end up reducing your energy bills significantly by replacing them.

Secondly, changing the windows is the best way to change your home’s curb appeal without doing some major remodeling and redecorating work to your yard or driveway. The home will look newer and better maintained if windows are replaced and it’s best if you hire experts to do it.


Problems with wiring very much depend on when the home was built. Wiring that was quite sufficient for an old home may not be enough for a modern one with much more appliances and gadgets. The code may have also changed over the years, and what was once considered safe may no longer be.

Even though buying a fixer upper is an investment and you’re expected to make some major changes, it’s best if the wiring is inspected by a professional before you make a purchase. Their opinion might significantly impact the price if there are major works to be done.


The materials

Safety and security guidelines are a recent addition to the way we build homes and not that long ago some rather dangerous materials were used in construction. That’s why there were so many many asbestos claims for damages that were made as recently as the 80s.

Asbestos can cause rather serious respiratory problems after prolonged exposure. Filing legal action against the owners of the building that has caused the issue could take a long time and is usually a rather difficult and unpleasant process. It’s best to be informed about the history of the property you’re purchasing before making any long-term decisions.


Leaking roof

Leaking roof is one of those problems that your home can have simply due to its age. It’s best if you notice the problem when the weather permits to fix it without causing a major inconvenience. This is also the perfect time to make other adjustments to the roof if needed.

For instance, an old flat roof could be turned into a green one which will make the whole cooler and cut your energy bills by quite a lot during the summer. Have in mind that, adding a green roof will also require you to maintain it in the years to come.



In the end, the layout of the home is one of those problems that you really can’t do much about without going into a major construction project. Some of the convenience of modern housing weren’t around just a few decades ago and it shows in the way the home is outlaid.

If your home has long corridors and small rooms you might not be able to bring in all the furniture you would like and the home will appear to be crowded and badly lit. The only way to deal with this problem is to tear down walls which can be done but it takes work.

5 Problems with Renovating an Old House

Buying an old home can be a great investment even when you calculate the costs of the needed repairs. However, some of the problems these homes might have are so complex that you should avoid the purchase altogether. That’s mostly the case when the homes are unsafe or made with toxic materials.