5 Things to Do Before the End of Your Tenancy

So, your tenancy is nearly up and you are looking forward to moving to a new place. It might seem like there is a huge task ahead of you but there are several things that you can do to make the end of your tenancy go as smoothly as possible for both you and your landlord.
Here is our list of the top five things to get you started.

1. Declutter

Moving can be quite and expense so before you pack up your belongings to move to a new property and being ruthless. Check out skip hire prices in your local area; if you have a lot of items to declutter then it would be quicker and more efficient to hire a skip rather than make frequent trips to the local tip. Over time we all accumulate lots of bits and pieces we may not really need, sometimes it is all too easy to shove things in a cupboard to deal with later, only to forget about them.

2. Show Potential Tenants Around

It is quite likely that your landlord will want to fill the property as soon as they can, after all an empty property isn’t earning them any money. It is likely therefore that potential tenants will be looking at the property before you move out, the landlord must have your permission to do this and whilst you can set reasonable conditions you can’t unreasonably withhold this permission.

3. Leave the House Tidy

Make sure that you pack up all your belongings to take with you to your new home, check everywhere so that you don’t leave things behind. Anything that was provided by the landlord in the property when you moved in should be left behind.

4. Forwarding Address

Whilst setting up a mail redirection for all your post is an easy process it is worth letting your landlord have your forwarding address just in case something slips through the net. This can often happen when your redirection expires, you might think that everybody has your new address but there is always at least one person who will still send things to your old address.

5. Let Your Landlord Know You Want to Remain

Not everybody coming to the end of a tenancy agreement wants to move out. If you want to remain in the property then contact your landlord before the tenancy agreement is up and let them know this, and ask for a new tenancy agreement. It is important to make sure that this is for a fixed period as periodic tenants, ones without new agreements, have fewer rights.