6 Inexpensive Ways to Improve Curb Appeal

If you want to sell your home, how quickly you can sell and how much for will be dependent on a lot of factors, including the market at the time and the other properties available in your area.

house curb appeal

Like selling anything, your home needs to make a good enough impression on potential buyers in order for them to consider it over their other options, and make sure that it stands out among many other competing properties for sale.

Buyers are often willing to pay more for a home that they completely fall in love with from the beginning; after all, this is where they are going to live.

Improving curb appeal is one of the easiest and most effective ways to ensure that your potential buyers arrive and instantly get a great impression of your property.

Here is what you can do:

Revamp Your Driveway


If your driveway is looking a little worse for wear, for example, if the floor is discoloured from car oil leaks, or there are weeds growing in between the paving, this could bring the whole appearance of your home from the outside down.

Thankfully, sprucing up your driveway doesn’t have to be a difficult task; in some cases, hiring a jet wash and giving it a good clean can make all the difference.

Spray some weed killer on any pesky weeds that crop up in the gravel or between flags.

If your driveway needs a total revamp, consider a new concrete driveway, which is easy enough to do yourself with the right tools. You can use the concrete mix calculator from Mix It to determine exactly how much you’ll need for the job.

Once you’ve used the concrete calculator, simply order what you need and make sure you’ve got everything you need like a wheelbarrow, mixer, safety gear, shovels and floats.

Just head over to mixit.co.uk, where you can use their screed calculator to get your project started.

A Fresh Lick of Paint

home painting

Sometimes, all it takes is a paint touch-up to really breathe new life into the front of your home and improve its curb appeal. If you have peeling or faded paint on the doors and window frames, repainting them is a small job that can make a huge amount of difference.

You might even want to consider the idea of painting your front door in an unusual or striking colour, like red, to make it stand out on your street and make an impact on anybody looking at your home for the first time.

Tidy the Garden

tidy garden

If you have a front garden, spend some time tidying it up and making it look presentable, even if it’s only a small space.

Mow and trim the lawn if you have one, and get rid of any weeds. If you only have a small amount of outdoor space at the front, you can make this look more appealing by adding some planters with colourful flowers or shrubs.

Hanging baskets at the front of your home can also be a very cheerful, appealing addition if you don’t have a lot of front garden space to work with, they can give your home an immediate facelift.

Clean the Windows

sash windows

You probably clean the indoor side of the windows regularly, but how often do you have a professional window cleaner come and make the outside windows all shiny and clear?

If you’ve not cleaned the windows on the outside of your home for some time, particularly on the top floors, this could be bringing down its overall appearance from the street.

Local window cleaners are easy to find online and don’t usually charge a large amount for what is often a very quick yet highly effective job.

Improve the Lighting

improved lighting

Bear in mind that some potential buyers might come to view your property in the evening, so it’s a good idea to make sure that the area around the front and sides of your home is well-lit.

Not only will this make it easier for buyers who’re visiting after dark to get a good look at your property, but it’s also a bonus when it comes to security.

Solar lights can look very pretty going up a front pathway and have a motion sensor light at the front and side of your home at least.

Modernise Fixtures and Fittings

door handle

You’ll be surprised at what replacing small fixtures and fittings like your door number, letterbox and door handles can do.

If you can’t afford to upgrade your entire door or fully revamp the front of your home, getting new house numbers and upgrading the other fixtures and fittings around the outside of your home can be an inexpensive way to make a massive difference.

If you want to sell your home quickly, spending some time updating the impression it gives off to people seeing it from the outside for the first time can make all the difference you need.