8 great spots for romance in London town

Guide to London Valentine's Day

London is home to countless romantic destinations, making it the perfect place to spend Valentine’s day. Here are a few of our favourite  spots for love in the city:

1. The London Eye

London Eye Romantic London

No list of romantic London locations would be complete without a mention of the London Eye. Situated over the Thames, the Eye gives wonderful views of the city. It’s particularly spectacular after the sun’s gone down, when the city is ablaze with lights. So hire a pod, pop a bottle of champers and enjoy London in all its glory.

2. Kew Gardens

Flowers are a symbol of love, so what better place to indulge in romance than Kew Gardens? It’s home to the largest collection of living plants in the world, and features multiple gardens and Victorian glass houses. Its treetop walkway is perfect for a loving embrace too – unless you’re scared of heights, that is.

3. The Serpentine

This recreational lake in Hyde Park is a fantastic place to while away the afternoon with your loved one. Hire a rowing or pedal boat and spend an hour on the water together, talking, laughing and staring hopelessly into each other’s eyes. Best wear a jumper at this time of year though.

4. Primrose Hill

If a peaceful place to sit and appreciate the beauty of London and each other sounds perfect to you, head up to Primrose Hill. Take a seat on one of the benches on the hill, hold hands and enjoy the incredible vantage point over the city.

5. Richmond Park

Valentine's Day in Richmond Park

Richmond Park is a wonderful place to reconnect with nature without leaving the city. Meander along tracks and trails, watch the wild deer roam, and breathe in the fresh air. The scenic views will stir your hearts and leave you feeling truly in love.

6. The Thames Clipper

These river buses may not sound very romantic on the face of it, but once aboard you’ll surely change your mind. Travel all the way to Greenwich, where you can spend a romantic day, and you’ll pass many of London’s landmarks on the journey. Return in the evening, after the sky’s darkened and the city’s lit up, and prepare to have your breath taken away as you pass through the glorious Tower Bridge.

7. The South Bank

Taking a stroll hand-in-hand on a moonlit night along the South Bank is a rite of passage for couples in London. To warm up afterwards, you can dip into a nearby pub and become entwined in each other’s arms.

8. The Ritz

If glitz and glam is your style, then The Ritz is surely the place to go. Ladies, wear your best dress and favourite heels, and gents, don your sharpest suit and tie. You’ll eat exquisite food and be treated like royalty – it’ll be a night you won’t forget in a hurry.

If you plan to indulge in any of these romantic treats on Valentine’s Day, you may have to book in advance, so be sure to phone ahead to avoid disappointment.

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