A buyers Guide to Transforming Home Storage

A buyers Guide to Transforming Home Storage

Home purchase always involves some compromise: Maybe you’ll sacrifice a second bathroom for the large outdoor space you’ve always dreamed of, or maybe the location is perfect but the house is slightly smaller than you wanted.

Space is a relatively easy fix, as all homes have myriad wasted spaces that can be turned into practical storage solutions. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Use the Vertical Space

Walls are useful for much more than just hanging pictures on. Now that open shelving is in fashion, with gorgeously stylish floating shelves cheaply available in most DIY stores, the storage possibilities are almost endless.

  • Look for hidden, awkward spaces that are often overlooked. Examples include small cupboards under stairways, unused space in an airing cupboard or even within existing kitchen cabinets. In these, you could either install additional fitted shelves or by wire racks designed to create a more useful storage area within cupboards.
  • Instead of freestanding bookcases, install shelving into alcoves. If you prefer to display collectables or ornaments in the spaces, make it into a design feature by also installing LED lighting.
  • The spaces above and alongside doors are rarely considered, but single shelves above the door or row of shelving in awkward narrow areas between doors make ideal storage areas.

Rethink Your Furniture

Often when moving into a new house, existing furniture no longer fits perfectly. You can create the illusion of space as well as incorporating useful storage areas by choosing furniture carefully.

Chairs and sofas that are raised off the floor on legs allow more light to spill under and around them, so they cast fewer heavy shadows. This alone creates a feeling of airiness in a room, but you can go a step further by incorporating coffee tables or end tables that incorporate storage in the form of shelves or drawers.

In bedrooms too, swap divan or frame beds for Ottoman style beds with lift up mattresses. Even singles offer cavernous spaces inside, offering tucked away storage that’s perfect for kids rooms. In these you can store out of season sports stuff, games or toys that aren’t used very often, or practical household items such as spare linen, blankets, throws or curtains.

Divide Your Possessions

The sneaky way of creating more space at home is to rotate possessions according to need, which could be seasonal or event dependent.

The way to do this is via self storage, and with convenient locations in most towns it is an easily accessible option that is becoming increasingly popular. With a vast choice of room sizes, just about any size household will find a storage area that is just right.

Some people use them to store bulky, expensive gardening equipment during the winter months, while others use them as a convenient place to stow out of season sports equipment or larger furniture items that are only occasionally used. An example would be spare beds that are only needed when guests are overnighting.

Having organised self storage for the bulky items you don’t use all the time, the space also easily accommodates other household bits and pieces that are not regularly used, for instance winter clothes during summer and vice versa.

If you find yourself with what feels like an impossible compromise on your home buying journey, maybe these tips will help you find a way forward.

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