A buyer’s nightmare: Kitchen surfaces free from oil and grease

The kitchen is the heart of any home – its where our family gets fed and guests are entertained – so cleanliness is paramount. And in today’s housing market little details can effect a buyer’s impressions of the entire property.

Non-Scratch-Glass-Worktops-for-kitchensFirst impressions are very hard to shift, and this is nowhere more important than when it comes to the kitchen. We all know how difficult it is, day on day, to protect our work-surfaces from disfiguring oil and grease marks, but to a buyer’s eyes the accumulation of natural wear and tear may signal neglect, alerting them to seek out evidence of the same throughout the property.

There are simple and effective remedies on hand to help you freshen up your kitchen as a home owner or lettings agent that can make a notable difference:

A natural remedy

A kitchen cabinet staples can help you out when it comes to shifting stains. Try mixing one part white vinegar with one part warm water; spray directly to the stain and leave for a minute before wiping clean. Here is a how to: click here.

The professional approach

If you prefer tried and tested products, professional painters swear by Sugar Soap, or TSP which can be bought in and DIY or hardware store. It’s designed to remove greasy marks and can be applied directly to the problem area.

Complete and durable protection

Scratch-Proof-Worktops-for-kitchensPeace of mind comes with a spotless kitchen and the promise of an enduring solution to the problem of splashes and stains. Glass kitchen splash backs are becoming ever more popular as a great looking, durable approach to contemporary kitchen design. This is a more expensive option but the WOW factor produced by the range of colours and designs now on offer, promise to more than outweigh your initial costs. Here is fine example in the UK, especially as home buyer first time around having one of these installed will retain value for years to come.

Look at your kitchen walls and surfaces with a buyer’s eyes – if you’re less than 100% happy with what you see it’s time to take action.