A day in the life of an estate agent (and it can be more eventful than you think….)

A lot of people think that being an estate agent can be rather dull – and let’s face it they don’t always have the best of reputations when it comes to, ahem, telling the truth. But spare it in your heart to feel a drop of sympathy for the estate agent brethren – after all there are some VERY strange things that they have to deal while out and about mingling with the general public…

We asked a few of them for some interesting insights into some of their experiences:

Best GappAlistair Boscawen, Best Gapp, estate agents in Belgravia:

“A few years ago I took on a house, which appeared to be quite normal. That was until I entered the spare room where there were two swings hanging from the ceiling over the bed which made you wonder what went on in there!!”

Eden Harper Ajaye Gopal, Eden Harper, estate agents in Brixton:

“About a year ago I went to see a newly refurbished flat that the landlord was looking to let, the flat looked great but was unfurnished and very sparse. The landlord told me he had some really nice furniture that he had stored and was planning to furnish the flat with it. In the meantime we placed the property on the market and arranged a couple of viewings.

I then took a young lady over to see the flat and unknown to me, the landlord had already furnished it. When we went into the living room, the viewer freaked out, we were met by the site of a real ‘Zebra’ skin rug on the floor with matching Zebra skin sofa and a stuffed buffalo head ornament hung on the wall. The applicant told me there was no way she could contemplate living in the property, as she was a strict vegetarian!

We did end up letting out the flat…unfurnished”

LDGJavier Carrillo, LDG, estate agents in the West End:

“We once sold a flat which was owned by a famous popstar. In the wardrobe, he had mannequins dressed in period dresses for social occasions. We almost had a blue fit when we discovered it!”

Robert Lazarus, Paramount Properties, estate agents in West Hampstead:

Paramount Properties“Some cultures place great importance on numbers; we were helping a Chinese family recently who loved a property but wouldn’t purchase it because the house number (4) traditionally means death. They also requested a property that was not located on a corner, as wealth and prosperity can escape the home.”

Richard Symes, Battersea estate agents Eden Harper:

“In 1992 I was selling a houseboat and had taken the owners word that it floated as one would assume.)  I agreed a sale with a sweet old lady and all seemed well although she didn’t have a marine survey which I’d suggested she should have. A couple of weeks after completion I was horrified to hear the houseboat had sunk! Thankfully the lady was not on board and she had not yet put many of her belongings on to it. A court case ensued and although she received damages, there was no comeback on me or on the agent I worked for. I haven’t sold any houseboats since but safe to say it was a good early lesson in checking information given by eager sellers!”

So there you have it. Perhaps estate agents’ jobs aren’t that boring after all!

Thumbnail image from www.freedigitalphotos.net