A survival guide for home movers

Packing for a house move can be stressful. Packing your entire life’s worth of belongings into a few cardboard boxes and shifting furniture, clothes and the rest of your possessions can be an overwhelming task. It’s no wonder moving house is stressful.

This survival guide for home movers, brought to you by Affordable Removals, offers tips from industry specialists on the best way to pack up your home.

Start early

The best thing you can do when moving is to start early. Get ahead of the game and leave yourself plenty of time. Taking it one step at a time over several weeks will ease the pain. Your first step shouldn’t be to unscrew the flat pack furniture, instead make a plan highlighting what you’re taking and what needs to be packed.

In this plan, make a note of priority items that you will need pretty much right up until moving day. Also identify things you could do without for a week and pack these sooner rather than later.


One of the best things about moving home is the ability to declutter your house. Before moving go through everything in your house and decide whether it can stay or go. You’d be surprised how much we hoard over the years, from college work to the broken vacuum cleaner, treat this as a chance to go through everything and get rid. Ask yourself very carefully whether you really want to keep that spare roll of carpet you’ve had in the loft for three years. This is a great decision making task that gives you a chance to throw out the old ready for your new start.

Sourcing packing materials

Packing materials can be quite expensive to buy so instead ask around for any boxes family or friends might have spare.

Failing that, ask your local shop or supermarket. They get plenty of boxes every day with produce that very often sit in the skip at the back of the building. Ask for permission first, then tape them up to add strength to the cardboard before you start filling them with your precious china.

It’s also a wise move to buy bubble wrap for certain items but alternately save up your old newspapers and start wrapping breakables in that.

Ask for help

Most home movers hire a local removals company but a growing number don’t just offer relocation services. You’d be surprised how many movers offer storage and packing help. If the packing experience is overwhelming for you, why not consider asking the specialists. They can advise you on whether you need to take down furniture and how to store certain items so you can fit more in the boxes.

Surviving the packing experience comes down to giving yourself plenty of time, asking around for materials instead of buying new and starting one room at a time.

If you need tips on the best ways to pack items, ask your moving company – better packing helps them as much as it does you. Why not even consider taking the pressure off completely and letting them do the job for you? It frees up time for you to make those phone calls about changing your address and negotiate how fast you can get internet installed in your new home.