Add Style and Purpose to Your Decor

Reimagining your home décor can be one of the most enjoyable aspects of owning your own home. After all, it’s your space, and there are near infinite sources of home inspiration to get excited about.

home decor

From Pinterest boards to online blogs and magazines. Clean and minimal interiors that are both beautiful to look at and sure to impress any guests.

But how do these interiors fair in the real world? Arguably less impressively, especially if there are children involved.

But don’t be disheartened; the stylish home of your dreams can still be achieved, with some careful consideration towards adding not just style, but purpose to your décor.

Install carpet this is made to last

Where you plan to lay carpet, and what sort of footfall it will have to endure will help you narrow down your options. You can afford to treat yourself to a bit of luxury in the bedroom, where a softer pile will withstand slippers or bare feet, but you’ll need something with a dense, tight, low-pile tuft in high footfall areas such as stairs.

Loop pile carpets are the most durable because there are no open ends, making it less likely to pull or shed. Nylon, polypropylene, and wool resist wear and tear much better than other fibres, like acrylic and polyester.

Invest in seating you will want to use

Sofas are at the heart of the home. It is where we slouch, lounge, and even snooze, so choosing the right seating is important. There’s little point having a slim-line sofa if in reality its high-end design will disappear under a pile of cushions, kids and pets.

Often overlooked, yet incredibly comfortable, stylish and practical are recliner chairs. Unlike many you would find on the high-street, they often come with storage pockets, cup holders, and space saving design features meaning you can still recline the chair if it is pushed up against a wall.

sofa and blanket

A recliner chair from Fenetic Wellbeing (an online mobility and healthcare specialist) offers you the peace of mind of a comprehensive one-year warrant and if you have a registered illness, you don’t have to pay VAT.

Add lighting that is fit for purpose

Ornate light fittings and lamps may look the part, but often fall short when it comes to lighting a space properly. You may spend hours studying paint charts and interior design mood boards, but it’s actually the light that shows off a space to its best.

Dimmers are the easiest way to achieve varying levels of natural light, but if they aren’t available to you then you might want to consider changing your bulbs. The desired effect is easy to achieve with energy saving lights that give a soft, warm colour. Do your best to avoid the harsh halogen lighting that plague many living spaces.

Tip: Place a mirror opposite an available window if you have a naturally dark room. No matter how small the window, it will bounce more light around.

Get creative with storage solutions

Keep your space clutter free with storage that is handsome as well as handy. There’s nothing more unappealing than being surrounded by clutter, so restore the look and feel of your room with some creative storage solutions.

A storage trunk not only gives a room a sense of history, but can double up as a feature coffee table as well. You should be able to pick up a good-quality solid-wood piece for much less than you’d pay for a new coffee table.

The beauty of getting creative with storage options is that you can use them to give your room a whole new focal point. Floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall shelving filled with books, framed family photographs and much-loved trinkets will create a striking feature that is unique to your home.

If you have them, why not make use of alcoves? Ask a carpenter to create built-in units and paint them in the same shade as the walls so that they blend in.

So there you have it, with a little bit of planning and creativity, it’s possible to achieve both style AND purpose to create a home you truly want to live in.