Boost Your Income With Lisbon Airbnb Management Support

Boost Your Income With Lisbon Airbnb Management Support

Airbnb provides Lisbon landlords with a short-term letting platform. The popular online platform draws thousands of guests from around the world annually.

Short term rental properties in the bustling city can be lucrative for landlords and property investors. The income can be boosted with the right management techniques and experience. Short term rentals requires a fully planned strategy to make sure you can take your home and turn it into a regular high-earning source of income. Partnering with an Airbnb management support service can take your property portfolio to the next level – allowing you to charge more and in turn increasing your overall returns throughout the year.

Are you an existing landlord in Portugal struggling to increase your property’s current rental income? Or are you a new landlord wanting to hit the market immediately with the maximum earnings possible? Find out how Lisbon landlords are already boosting their income with Airbnb managed support services.


How to Increasing Earnings With Airbnb Lisboa Management Support in Lisbon


Adopt A Successful Pricing Strategy

During peak seasons and key calendar dates in Lisbon, like the annual Lisbon Book Fair or the DocLisboa festival, landlords can charge a premium price to guests, making up for quieter periods throughout the rest of the year. Managed services will help you identify and calculate this pricing strategy effectively, ensuring you get the best value and return on investment. Managed services will also allow you to open your property onto the market throughout the entire year, as the host management service can manage bookings and communications at all times, even during busy periods where you’d otherwise be unable to manage this process and have to turn away business.


Make Your Listing More Desirable

Charge higher prices with a more desirable property. Managed services can help you list your property expertly – offering advice on creating compelling advert copy and delivering professional photography services if needed to get the most out of your property’s potential. A more desirable listing means you can justify a higher price point for your listing. You could optimise your listing by including descriptions of the local Lisbon tourist attractions that your home is near to, which will increase its popularity with tourists desiring to be close to points of interest. Or make users more likely to book by including some simple FAQs so that your audience have all the information they need to make an informed decision.


Market Your Property For More Bookings

Managed support services can also look after the marketing of your property. With many hosted services, your consultants have access to a range of platforms that your property can be listed on – both locally, for Lisbon residents looking for short term rental accommodation, and further afield with international vacationers looking to holiday in Lisbon. By improving the visibility of your property, you can boost your income from acquiring an increased rate of bookings.


Improve Guest Experience

Entrusting your guest communication services to a managed support provider can ensure your guests receive a premium level of service that will keep them coming back time and time again! Word of mouth is one of the most powerful tools for increasing your income through Airbnb, with guest reviews playing a huge factor in new visitors’ decisions to book. Managed guest services can ensure your visitors’ trips go smoothly and that there is always someone on hand to rectify any issues that may arise during their stay. Your guest company can also add that touch of extra detail, like giving advice on the best local Lisbon restaurants or tips to make the most of their trips to the beautiful architectural points of interest in the city. Guest management services can include anything from checking in, bookings, guest communications, emergency contacts and stocking inventory, and all work towards providing your guests with an outstanding service that will make their stay enjoyable.


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