What are RICS Surveyors?

Many homebuyers in the UK are not aware of the importance of having a RICS survey conducted for their homes and other properties, so we created this guide to outline everything you need to know about RICS surveyors and what their surveys entail.

What is RICS?

RICS stands for the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and is an international body who regulate and train chartered surveyors and others who work within the property industry all over the world.

Established in 1792, RICS have been responsible for ensuring high quality surveying and other property related services for over 200 years and are the professional body within property where complaints can be taken to if you are not satisfied with your service.

Why do I need a RICS survey?

Surveyors give a detailed breakdown of the condition of a property when it has been purchased. They outline the structural conditions of a building that lie beneath its face including the state of the walls, frames, roofs and wiring. These surveys are crucial when determining the value of a property as they show if a property is actually worth the price it may be marketed for and if there are any issues that may devalue the property.

RICS surveys determine if a property is safe enough to live, work or operate within and whether they meet the standards set by the government and other professional UK bodies. RICS surveyors have ‘rules of conduct’ which consists of various strict rules and regulations that they must all operate in line with to ensure their standard of work and investigations are worth what you are paying.

Where can I find a RICS surveyor?

There are around 140,000 RICS members operating within 150 countries, so finding a qualified RICS surveyor won’t be hard at all – and for all you know, there’s one right on your doorstep!

How do I choose the right surveyor for the job?

Technically speaking, any RICS surveyor you find is more than good enough to conduct a survey on your property as they are trained by RICS themselves who set extremely high standards and requirements for all their surveyors. However, choosing a surveyor that is from your local area, or within the area of the property you want surveying, is always the best option as they will be familiar with the area and the state of the properties around yours. Also it is always important to ensure the surveyor you are using has had experience working with the same type of property that you want surveying.

What happens if I am not happy with my RICS survey?

If you have purchased a RICS survey and are not satisfied with the work your surveyor carried out then you are well within your rights to file a complaint to the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors themselves. They are the official body who deal with all property related complaints and disputes.