Approaching Retirement? Why Consider Purchasing A Park Home

There are 200,000 people in the UK who are living in mobile homes, also referred to as residential park homes.

park_homeIf you are approaching retirement and are perhaps looking to downsize your current property to a home which is more manageable, or perhaps you fancy a change from the hustle and bustle of where you’re living at the moment to somewhere perhaps more scenic and peaceful, purchasing a park home could be the perfect option for you!

However, before such an important decision can be made it’s important that you weigh up your options and carry out the necessary research as park homes work in a slightly different way to traditional brick-built properties.

So if you are interested in buying a park home but would like to know a few more of the benefits for what this purchase can do for you, then take a look at these reasons for moving into a park home for retirement.


Probably one of the biggest benefits of making the decision to purchase a park home is that the way of life of park homes can offer is perhaps a more manageable option for retirement.

New park homes in particular offer more contemporary designs that make most of the space which is available, and can make the living environment comfortable and easy to enjoy.

Another consideration to make with new park homes is that they are virtually maintenance free and require only minimal upkeep therefore would be a more practical option if you would prefer a property requiring little work.

Gardens of a manageable size also often included with park homes also gives residents the opportunity to enjoy the peaceful outdoors from the comfort of their own home.


With residential park homes available throughout the entire country, this means that you have the flexibility of being situated wherever you would like to be.

Perhaps you no longer drive, if so then you would perhaps like to be living somewhere that is convenient to the local shops. On the other hand, you might rather move to somewhere that gives you an opportunity to relish the outdoors and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Moving to the right location which is right for you is a pretty essential part of purchasing a park home, therefore seeking help from those who know the park home market best is advisable.

Sell My Park Home, an expert company who can assist you with the buying and selling of park homes, lodges, holiday homes and caravans understand that this is a specialist field requiring professional knowledge and industry experience. If you are at a stage of looking to purchase a park home then you can discuss your options with a member of their team.

Social life

Park homes could be considered a great option of retirement due to prospect of meeting new people who are perhaps of a similar age or in the same situation as you.

Morris and Myra Jeffers who moved from their property in Essex to a park home in East Sussex said in a BBC News article that there is a lot going on for those looking for things to do. Myra quoted “we’ve always gone out a lot socially, we know practically everyone here…you never never need to be lonely.”

Therefore, whilst park homes offer opportunities to enjoy a quiet surrounding, there are also lots of opportunities to make new friends and take part in the activities that many of the parks offer.


Another great reason why you might consider a park home as you approach retirement is due to the fact that they tend to be less expensive than conventional bricks and mortar properties.

Furthermore newer park homes are being built with energy efficiency in mind, for instance Park Home Insulations who install insulation features specifically for park homes is another way that park homes can help to keep the costs down.


Park homes are another great choice in terms of the fact that they are regarded as being safe and secure areas to be located.

One owner of park homes form Surrey to Derbyshire, Tom Hartley says that his properties were one of the first to modernise by introducing electric gates and CCTV cameras according to an an article published on the Daily Mail online.

As access is only usually given to residents of the park, this also helps to keep the park private and secure.

Purchasing a park home offers many advantages if you are approaching retirement. From the convenience and practicalities that park home life can offer, to the community spirit and opportunities to take part in activities and meet new people, residential park homes can offer the perfect option for people wanting to enjoy a hassle free and relaxed retirement.

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