Setting to sell: the art of property staging

art of property staging

In case you decided to sell your property, you should really consider staging it for viewings. Yes, this effort might cost you some money, but if done right, it will repay, and you’ll even increase the overall value of the house. Before doing anything, get well informed about expenses staging may bring, and possible profits you can make after the sale. There are plenty of ways to properly stage the house, and the text below will provide you with some of the most important ones.

Start in the bathroom

Potential customers will stop here first, and it would be great if you just freshly painted tile. Make sure to hire a professional for the job, and after he’s done, your bathroom will look as good as new. Put in some decorative candles and baskets, and maybe roll-up some towels. This simple move will relax potential buyers since they’ll feel like they’re in a spa.

Get the job done

If you recently started working on a remodeling project, make sure to finish it completely before letting buyers inside. Everything should be the best it can once you open the door. Go ahead, and fill the holes in the sidewalk, and take care of other minor repairs. Those won’t cost you too much, but will increase the value of the property.

Upgrade the kitchen

Another important room for your potential buyer is most certainly the kitchen. If your budget allows you, go ahead and change all outdated cabinets with new, modern ones, and then paint them so they’ll blend with other items in the kitchen. Replace old, worn out appliances with new ones and clean thoroughly.

Beautify the bedroom

When someone enters the bedroom, they should immediately feel relaxed. Achieve this with pleasant colors and luxurious linens. This simple move will make the bedroom desirable, and if your budget allows you, feel free to buy a new bed or just a high-quality mattress. Clean out all closets since people like to see them tidy and uncluttered.

Maintain the plants

You already know that every staged house has a lot of flowers in and around the property. Do the same with your garden. Take the prettiest flowers and arrange them in vases all around the house. There shouldn’t be one table without flower decoration. If you aim to sell the house during the fall season, go ahead and purchase some late blooming flowers, and scatter them all over the garden.

Pay attention to exterior

Once you’re done with flowers, it is a great time to work on the porch. Paint it, and do the same with the front door. If you have enough money, go ahead and replace it with a new one. This simple trick may seal the deal. People like to see a beautiful exterior, and the strong front door is the focus point.

You did the first part of the job. Your next effort should be improving backyard. Clean and paint the deck, and install a brand new OZTech pergola which will keep new owners protected from sun and rain. This move will be appreciated by most, and especially millennials since they like to spend time outside, and your improved deck will be the best place for chilling with friends and family.

Mix some accessories

The rooms in your house can be more inviting, and everything you need to do is to line up some accessories here and there. It is important to group them by the unifying element, such as shape, color or texture. Keep in mind to group odd number of items since that’s more appealing to the eye. Avoid placing them in a row, but try to make a triangle with every item as its point.

Think about art

Your house will look much more cozy and intimate if you hang some art on the walls. But, don’t hang it stereotypical. Try to get creative and play with patterning and grouping. This easy move will make your house interesting and desirable.

At the end, make sure the whole house is uncluttered and clean. Get rid of all pieces of furniture that are just filling the space. Instead of showing cluttered home, go ahead and sell everything redundant. Another great way to make some space is to donate something to charity or even sell it at a yard sale.

Once you’ve set everything, feel free to call your agent and check the market. If it’s slow, you should wait a bit before selling the house. In just a few months situation may change and you’ll get a much better deal. Just be patient and proactive when it comes to selling your property.