Why you absolutely must avoid gimmicky office design

Sorry to break it to you, but fake grass in meeting rooms, indoor picnic tables and beach hut meeting spaces won’t improve your office culture…

Tempted to jump on the funky office bandwagon? Leave the hammocks and ping-pong tables in the shop, because only 3% of UK office workers care about such gimmicks. In fact, 86% of staff are completely uninterested in ‘fun’ features that, frankly, belong in Google’s head office or in the playground. Worst case scenario, you’re infantilising your work force and crippling productivity, not inspiring it. Does that sound like a shrewd investment to you?

What your employees really want from their office will come as no great shock. Four fifths of staff say reliable and modern technology is more important than office aesthetics – make it as easy as possible for people to do their job. That’s how you make their working day less stressful and therefore more fun, fostering a positive work culture.

Your staff want more space, so make the most with what you have – declutter and get clever with your storage, conjure up an efficient office plan that maximises your office space with a well-considered layout.

You can still put the fun into ‘functional’

Does this mean that you can’t inject a little personality? Of course not, you spend as much time at the office as you do at home, just don’t go over the top. Have you ever asked your staff what they want in an office? It’ll save you money and ensure your refurbishment hits the mark.

Creative agencies are one of the biggest culprits of the try-hard workplace trend. But follow We Are Boutique’s lead. Ultimate Commercial Interiors’ fit out refurbishment team transformed their drab open plan office, four meeting rooms and a break out zone into a cinema and boutique themed workplace – in just four weeks. The stylish interior suits the brand in a way that the agency can proudly show to clients.

So you want to create a fun and inspiring office?

Do it the easy way, without swapping your meeting room chairs for deck chairs, bean bags or hay bales.

1. Dot a few plants around your office

Help your staff become better decision makers and up to 15% more productive by introducing some greenery into your workplace.

2. Create a smell-scape

Spritz lavender to relax people stressed by tight deadlines, shake others awake with citrus scents or introduce cinnamon tones for laser like focus. Smells have a powerful impact on our moods.

3. Chose the right furniture

Happy people sit on comfortable chairs, that you can adjust to suit yourself – ergonomic chairs designed to support your back’s natural s-shape, improve your core stability and posture, blood circulation, and, of course, your productivity. Rather than overthinking your office interior, carefully consider the basics – which genuinely impact your staff’s day.

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