Enhance the Beauty and Functionality of Your Kitchen with Silestone Quartz Worktops

When it comes to creating an attractive and efficient kitchen space, it can be difficult to choose worktops that play an important role in achieving this purpose. However, let us simplify things for you, as you get ready to design/redesign your kitchen with the best surfaces.

What is leading the market?

There are many natural and engineered stone surfaces that you can find in the market. However, a prime choice among homeowners and homebuilders is Silestone quartz that we are going to talk about. Silestone delivers the attraction and practicality of natural quartz, which offers a proven advantage over granite surfaces that require sealing and high maintenance. The following are some major advantages that Silestone quartz carries over other materials.

Advantages of Silestone quartz surfaces

Being a dense material, a Silestone quartz surface has natural benefits for use in kitchens. Here are a few more reasons you can safely go for these surfaces to attain efficiency and modernity.

Appearance: The first thing that someone notices in a kitchen is its beauty, which is enhanced by the beauty of installations in the kitchen. Quartz worktops give you an edge with their sparkling surface. While the overall look of Silestone surfaces is similar to natural stones like granite and marble, the quartz crystals give them an extra shine.

Variety: To add to the looks of your kitchen, you can have a wide choice in Silestone quartz surfaces. There is a rich variety in their style, size, color, and finish. Thus, customization is easy with the use of these worktops to modify your kitchen as desired.

Durability: It is a critical aspect to consider while selecting kitchen worktops. Silestone quartz surfaces are created with 93% of natural quartz crystals and 7% of polyester resin and other ingredients. This binds and holds together the crystals, making the product very durable. You may not need to worry for years about your kitchen worktops.

Resistant to heat and scratches: Quartz is one of the hardest known raw materials. However, the signature Silestone quartz is one step ahead. Thus, Silestone quartz worktops do not chip. They have high resistance against scorch and scratches.

Non-porous: One of the biggest advantages of Silestone quartz, in comparison to other surface materials, is it being non-porous. This prevents bacteria and viruses from penetrating the surface. When this material is produced, additional antimicrobial protection is added to it. Therefore, you can select Silestone quartz surfaces when you want a healthier choice for your household.

Radon free: Silestone quartz does not emit radon gas as other materials do. This is a great benefit in terms of maintaining indoor air quality.

Resistant to stain and high impact: As they are non-porous, the Silestone quartz surface is also stain resistant. You may feel safe about your worktops, as Silestone quartz is a powerful material that can absorb high impact. However, it prevents it from heavy damage.

Apart from the above, Silestone quartz surfaces offer the benefit of low maintenance. Still, you should care for them softly. We are providing below some tips for their maintenance.


How to maintain your Silestone quartz surfaces

If you want Silestone quartz surfaces to keep beautifying your kitchen for a long time, then you should follow these cleaning and maintenance tips.

To protect their shine, do not scrub them hard. Use a soft cloth and mild cleaner to wipe the surface. For hard stains or food deposits, scrape gently and then clean the worktop using a mild cleaner or warm water. You may use a scouring pad to rub the grease stains.

To clean spills and stains, make sure to wipe your Silestone quartz surfaces frequently.

Do not drop heavy objects on your worktops. It may cause scratches and hairline cracks.

Chop food items on a chopping board and not on your worktop. Avoid placing extremely hot or cold food pots on the worktop to prevent any damage. Instead, use trivets.

Do not use sealants, chemicals, and hard cleaners on your Silestone quartz surfaces.

Avoid placing the worktops under direct sunlight, as it may cause discoloration.

By availing the benefits of Silestone quartz surfaces and maintaining them nicely, you can achieve a perfect look and high functionality in your kitchen area.