10 Best Indoor Trees & Large Indoor Plants for your Home, Summer House and Workspaces

Let’s talk jungle patterns! You’ve seen them everywhere – on clothes, bed linen, ceramics, wallpaper, stationery, jewelry, and more – but now it’s time to take things to another level and bring the jungle inside your home. We’re talking about indoor trees and the statement they make.

One of the best things about indoor trees is that they go well with any kind of space. Which is why we’ve chosen them for your home and summer house. They can fill up the large space of a house and make it feel fresh and organic. But they can also turn a small space like a summer house, man cave or she shed into a heavenly garden.

Indoor trees are dramatic and theatrical but they also require little caring. All they need is a sunny corner, lots of space to develop, and fresh water. In return, they will purify your air, improve your disposition, and connect you to nature in a way no other small house plant ever could. But what are the most beautiful indoor trees? That’s what we’re here to find out!

Exquisite Indoor Trees for Your Home and Summer House

The one thing you need to remember is that not all indoor trees are the same. Some are native to your own country while others will have to be acclimatized. Therefore, choose carefully and think before you buy! How much time do you have to invest in taking care of your indoor tree?

Apart from that, consider how your tree will look once it’s fully grown. Will it bloom? How will the leaves and branches look? Take into account its color pattern and whether or not it goes with the design of your home or summer house. Now let’s take a look at the trees themselves!


1. Bird of Paradise Tree

Bird of Paradise TreeLet’s start our list of indoor trees with the one which will give you most jungle vibes of all. The Bird of paradise tree is also called Strelitzia reginae. But why does it have a jungle vibe? Because it grows gorgeous and large oval green leaves which we’re sure you’ve already seen if you’ve ever bought anything jungle print.

The amazing thing about it is that it will produce outstanding, tropical orange flowers that look just like the bird of paradise. Hence its name.

However, please make sure your pets don’t chew on it because it’s poisonous. If it’s under watered, the leaves will droop, letting you know.


2. The Dragon Tree

The Dragon TreeAlso called Dracena marginata, this is one you’ve surely seen before, mainly in offices from the 50s or 60s. So if you’re looking for that Mad Men vibe or you’re planning on turning your summer house into an office, this is the indoor tree to go for. But be careful because left to its own devices, the Dragon tree will grow to over 10 feet in height.

Another warning sign, this time especially for cats. They are drawn to this plant and love chewing the long, thin leaves. But it is poisonous for all pets.

The good news is that this species of indoor trees will clean your air. In fact, NASA has put it on their list of air filtering plants seeing as it reduces the level of chemicals in the air.


3. The European Olive Tree

European Olive TreeIf this sounds familiar than you’re right! It’s the house version of the taller and mightier olive trees that grow in the Mediterranean region. Here are some tips you will need to take care of it. Just like its big brothers, it will require a lot of sun and warmth, so make sure you provide it. Place it next to a window if you can and take it outside to sit in the actual sun in the summer.

Apart from that, you will need fantastic drainage for this type of indoor trees, so keep that in mind as well. But does it make olives? Unfortunately, no. These trees need a lot of direct sunlight and a very hot and dry climate to produce olives and the inside of your house or summer house is just not it. But you will get some pretty white flowers in the spring!


4. The Fiddle Leaf Fig Indoor Trees

Fiddle Leaf Fig TreeTheir Latin name is Ficus lyrata and let’s start by telling you that they are not the easiest plants to take care of. But they are very beautiful indeed as far as indoor trees are concerned.

It’s no wonder they are so popular with home gardeners who buy them in droves!
A fiddle leaf fig can grow up to 10 feet tall if you allow it and take good care of it, of course! So make sure not to give it direct sunlight and don’t move it around because its leaves will fall off!


5. The African Candelabra

African Candelabra TreeOk, you got us here! The African candelabra, otherwise known as Euphorbia ammak, is not really an indoor tree but rather a succulent. However, it grows to 33 feet in height! Therefore, no one will ever know it’s not technically a tree!

It looks like one of those cacti you can see in old-fashioned Western movies, which goes perfectly with a desert theme or design. Water this superb succulent once a week and you’ll be good to go!


6. The Citrus Tree

Citrus TreeThis one is definitely among the most popular indoor trees in the world. They are both beautiful and super functional, not to mention how much they will remind you of lazy summer afternoons in the South of Italy.

But there’s a catch. Citrus trees are incredibly high-maintenance. First of all, they need to be in an environment with a lot of humidity to thrive. Therefore, you will need to buy a humidifier.

Second of all, they will need all the water in the world. And you might think that watering them is easy. But remember all that water needs to go somewhere so make sure you place them in a drainable environment. And thirdly, and we cannot overstate this, citrus trees need sunlight. As much as you can possibly think of!


7. The Money Tree

Money TreeAs opposed to the citrus tree, the money tree will be a breeze to care for. It thrives in an environment with low light and you only have to water it once a week. Or even once every two weeks. Try and see how it goes!

If left to its own devices in the wild, the money tree could reach 60 feet in height. In your home or summer house, however, it will grow up to 6 feet and get more volume in the crown area.


8. The Majesty Palm

Majesty Palm TreeIn case you hadn’t noticed so far, palms overall are super easy to care for. And the Majesty palm is no different. It too thrives in dim light, which makes it perfect for your bedroom, where it will also purify your air and make the atmosphere fresh and natural.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t expose this line of indoor trees to the sunlight, because you can! In fact, if you leave your Majesty palm to grow in the sun, it will help it get bigger faster, if that’s what you want.


9. The Parlor Palm

Parlor Palm PlantYet another fan favorite on the list of indoor trees is the parlor palm. In fact, did you know people used to love it in the Victorian age? You couldn’t walk into a bourgeois house and not see the living rooms decorated with parlor palms, hence the name.

Nowadays most individuals decorate their bathrooms with these gentle giants for a lush feel. One of the reasons is that these palms thrive in an environment with low light and a lot of moisture, like most bathrooms already provide.


10. The Lacy Leaf Philodendron

Lacy Leaf PhilodendronIts Latin name is Philodendron Bipinnatifidum and it has a specific trait. It doesn’t so much grow in height as it does in width. The lacy leaf philodendron stretches up to 6 feet if you take care of it properly.

Therefore, this means that you will have to plan your space accordingly, giving it a lot of room to stretch. On the plus side, the tree produces some amazing glossy, deep green leaves that will be a pleasure to look at!


What about you?

Do you have a favorite among the indoor trees we’ve listed? Are you planning on placing one in your home or summer house? Or do you have one already? In that case, let us know in the comment section below how you take care of it!