8 Tips to Get the Best Possible Price of Your Property

Selling your house without involving a real estate agent could be an intimidating task. Therefore, we strongly recommend lending a hand or two to gauge optimum results. Our emotions can come in our way when we buy houses. Hence, it is always better to have a birds-eye view from a third party.

And, when you take charge of the matter, it is of paramount importance that you put your best foot forward. Hence, when you are planning to sell your property off, it is crucial that you make it look worth a purchase. Ultimately, it is the buyer who will decide your property’s value. So, it best that you try and keep yourself in a buyer’s shoe and stage the home accordingly to make it appear as saleable. Because, as they say, that at the end of the day, the customer is always right folks!

In the following blog post, we are here to help you in this mission. Feel free to make most of the below tips to make the whole selling process seamless and easier.

It is a step by step guide which will tell you where to start. Also, it can also serve as a checklist to track down the progress. Have your pick and get down to the reading!


1. A balance between decluttering and depersonalizing:

First and foremost, you really need to get rid of the extra stuff piling up around your house. It clashes with the aesthetics of the house and no buyer would want to see that. We recommend donating it or putting it in the storage. However, try and retain the personal touch as it influences as people always want to see the attractive aspect of the lifestyle.

Other than this, look out for any piece of furniture that is blocking out space and make it feel small. Moving it away or replacing it with smaller furniture will accentuate the house.


2. Fix and tidy it up:

The next step essential is to deal with the things in need of minor repairing. And we are sure there must be some holes in the wall, broken doorknobs, worn out carpets in need of immediate attention. Get those dirty tiles of your bathroom squeaky cleaned before you have your house up for sale.

Do you own a garden? Well, then ensure the bushes are trimmed and in perfect shape. All of this must seem useless in the first place but we bet, you will be amazed to see the results it pours in.


3. Give your house a makeover:

Considering giving your house a fresh lick of paint if you want to make it look saleable.
In light of this, always opt for a neutral tone as it makes the overall look to appear as classy, spacious and welcoming. Also, with colors like blue or bright purple put a customer in second thoughts, whether or not to buy the house. Neutral tones give the customer leaves a great room to imagine how they would adapt the rooms to suit their needs.

Also, the first impression is the last impression. When it comes to home, your paint is the factor which casts an everlasting impression. Make sure you spend enough thought on this and get it done.

Tips to Get the Best Possible Price of Your Property

4. Give special attention to the kitchen:

It is a universal truth that a kitchen is, basically, the heart of the house. How well your kitchen is determining the value of your house by large.

Those cabinets in the house either make or break the kitchen. Consider revamping or reface while you add new ones as it can cost a fortune. However, extra bucks spent on that kitchen install countertops can add immense value to your house. So, what you save there, invest here. It can be one smart move, no?

Declutter the slabs and just put a fruit bowl at a display to make it look a tad homely and full.


5. Light it well:

Do not underestimate the power of lighting. Correct lighting plays quite an important role. No one likes a dull and dim house!

Make sure your house is well lit and that you have lamps put up in the darker areas. It ups your decor game and gives an artistic personal touch. Furthermore, a soft glow and warmth are all a house needs to come off as homely and therapeutic.


6. Make sure it smells right:

Perhaps the biggest turn off is when your house smells bad. And we recommend fixing them rather than just covering them. Remember, playing safe and putting up the fake show are two different things!

Anyway, look out for possible problem areas that could be the cause of bad smells. Get help and fix them! Other than this, clear those drains, wash the bins and take necessary measures to make the kitchen free from any old cooking smells.

Invest in good air fresheners and make sure you to spray it around before inviting people in for the house tour. It instantly lights up the atmosphere and of course, the mood!


7. Host an open house:

When you are done with all the cleaning and scrubbing, it is time to host an open house. This is an amazing way to seek suggestions and advice from peers while at the same time attract potential buyers.

Moreover, it also adds up to the seller’s credibility and reliability. So, what are you waiting for?

Tips to Get the Best Possible Price of Your Property

8. Sit and talk to your agent:

Before you set a price, have a heart to heart discussion with your agent regarding the strategy. Also consider pricing your house with a comparative market analysis. In there you will find a comprehensive data about the houses sold in your area as well as within your vicinity. Do your math, ponder and then price accordingly for a favorable outcome!

If your agent proposes a different amount than yours, we suggest you to question for your clarity and peace. Learn about all the angles and then make the final decision.

Speaking of this, it is of critical importance to find an agent you could trust. Gather recommendations from friends and family and see it for yourself before hiring one.