How to Get the Best Price When Selling your House

Everyone wants to get a good deal when selling their property. Home owners have generally put love and care into their house and find it hard to look past this when considering how much to sell it for. However, it’s important to remember that buyers won’t feel as emotionally attached to the property as you do. They’ll be looking for the best deal for themselves so you need to pitch yourself correctly to seal that all-important deal. Here are a few tips on how you can do this:

Get the Asking Price Right

Compare quotes from estate agents so that you fully understand the market value of properties like yours within your area. Get around 4 different estate agent quotes and don’t just plump for the highest price. Read reviews on each of the agents and consider both high-street and online options so you’re fully informed.

If you ask too much for your property, you’ll put buyers off and if you ask too little, you’ll feel cheated. An estate agent should come out and look at your property to offer you the most accurate valuation. If you’ve had new windows and doors fitted or you’ve got an extension, then these will all be factored in and may boost the value of the property. Similarly, if your property needs a lot of repairs doing, this ought to be reflected in the asking price. Get the agents to take clear and appealing photos of the property for their site as bad photos can instantly put people off from even wanting to arrange a viewing.

De-Clutter & Add Kerb Appeal

Now is the time to sort out your garden and make a great first impression when potential buyers start turning up. Continue this inside the property by getting rid of junk that has been stacking up over time. Make sure your house is clean, tidy and fresh smelling. Neutralise the décor, where possible, and make it as easy as you can for any buyers to visualise the potential in the property and see themselves living there. Fix anything that is broken and clean your windows so that viewers will see the house in its best possible light. Don’t invest too much money in the DIY side of things unless this is your profession, as doing a poor job could put buyers off too.

Honesty is the Best Policy

Whether it’s the agent doing the viewings or you, make sure that the benefits of your property are highlighted and any downfalls are mentioned, but not focused on. Encourage viewers to give feedback as then you can make changes where appropriate in order to entice the next viewer. You could change tactics depending on the viewer e.g. if you show a young professional couple round then the spare room could be described as a potential study. Similarly, if it’s a family then the idea of a play room could be a winner. Be honest about why you’re moving and focus on the things you really love about your property.

Break the Chain

Avoid long chains. Basically – the fewer people involved in a chain, the more likely the sale will go through successfully. Chains can break for many reasons – from buyers not getting their mortgage approved through to their buyer pulling out at the last minute. It’s not a position you want to be in after all of the effort you’ve already gone to. Ask potential buyers what their situation is and consider this when you get offers. First time buyers and those with no onward chain are usually the most straight-forward so this is what you need to be looking out for.

Open House

If things slow down on the viewings front then consider an open day. This is a window of around 4 hours where anyone can come to the property and take a look around. You and/or the agent will be there to answer any questions. If you get a lot of people dropping in then it makes the property seem more in demand and this sticks in viewers minds and could encourage them to make an offer.

Keep Going

Don’t take your property off the market until you have seen evidence from a buyer that they have the following:

• Proof of funds – evidence that they have enough money to cover the deposit
• An agreement in principle from a mortgage lender to confirm that they can get a mortgage approved once the offer is accepted
• A solicitor – make sure you and your buyer have a solicitor in place to do all of the legal work once the offer has been made and accepted

You want to exchange contracts as soon as possible so make sure you’re as communicative as possible with your solicitor and provide anything they need as soon as possible to keep up the momentum towards completion.

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