Best Rated Independent End of Tenancy Cleaning Companies in London

Whether you are a tenant, landlord or an agency – our end of tenancy cleaning service is designed to fulfil your requirements and help you safely get your deposit back or welcome new tenants to your property. We have a professional end of lease cleaners covering all London areas.

By using professional cleaning methods and following a detailed checklist (the same used by landlords and agencies operating in the Capital) we deliver a service that meets the requirements of everyone involved.

What a lovely team you’ve sent me the other day. Maria and her colleagues were really kind, hardworking and considerate of my additional requests. The kitchen and bathroom were left spotless, descaled and with no sign of grime or other nasty deposits. Booking was also particularly effortless. I’ve had other companies do the tenancy clean for me but none were so easy to schedule. Thanks for everything!

-Albert R.
United Kingdom

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I wish I could give them more than 5 stars. Brilliant service! They cleaned the property I’ve recently moved in. The end result was pleasing to the eye. They cleaned everything and I mean everything – the fridge, microwave and even the kitchen cupboards. What a relief to live in such a nice place with no efforts. The team went beyond and above and I can’t recommend them enough.

-Alexandra Howells
United Kingdom

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Great people – They cleaned my property to the highest standards even though our tenant never cleaned it once in 9 years! Our property was spotless when they finished, 12 hours after, there were 6 of you and all 6 of you were great people. Thank you.

-Eva Bilgarami
United Kingdom

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To make your rented rooms as clean as your landlord expects them to see in the final days of your lease, you can use our professional cleaning services. We offer thorough and effective sanitising of rented flats, offices, houses and other estates that are changing tenancies.

Our staff have the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to do their work in line with the industry’s high standards. Very Reliable ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Their staff really helped with the end of tenancy cleaning which they performed. I was worried about the kitchen area as it was quite messy and dirty but the cleaning experts managed to clean the entire apartment and make it look like a very attractive place for living. I am very grateful for the hard work of this company’s staff. In no time the entire property was transformed beyond recognition. The outcome of the professional service was very impressive and my landlady was pleased with the look of the apartment she was leasing. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to receive my security deposit money. I am positive that I wouldn’t have been able to enjoy such an easy moving out process if it wasn’t for the end of tenancy cleaning service of this company.

-Betty Rueda
United Kingdom

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My boyfriend is a landlord and he uses this company’s services every time when some tenant leaves. He has some contract with them and sometimes we call them to clean our house. I can say that they do good job and know well what exactly is needed to be done. I can recommend them!

-Ldya Whitehead
United Kingdom

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Having a big flat is nice and comfortable but when it’s time to leave it it gets sad and hard to be cleaned. I chose the professional services of End of Tenancy Cleaning Agency to perform the end of tenancy cleaning when I changed my flat. Very well done job which impressed even my landlord.

United Kingdom

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Fast End Of Tenancy Cleaning has established a great track record for providing high-quality  landlord cleaning London. We understand the demands and requirements of quite a few letting agencies and landlords and we generally strive to surpass them. The focused teams of professional cleaners are fully trained, vetted and experienced.

We offer a reputable landlords cleaning in London. We intend to provide all cleaning materials and equipment for the cleaning visit. Fast End Of Tenancy Cleaning can make usage of only professional cleaning components that are environmentally and animal-friendly. Recommended ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

The cleaning team were polite, efficient, managed to shine quite a few spots that I would definitely miss have I ever attempted to do the tenancy clean myself. I will absolutely use your services again when needed and already recommended you to my previous landlord.

-Elizabeth Lewis
United Kingdom

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I dislike moving because there are a lot of things that I need to do
beforehand, but I was not worried because I booked your move in cleaning/move
out cleaning service. Your company in London provided cleaners that are
courteous and honest. I relied on your company and it never let me down.
Thank you for a good job and I hope to see you again pretty soon.

United Kingdom

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A week ago my landlord kicked me out of my rented property. I knew that the guy just wanted a way around to keep the security deposit for himself. You see, the whole lease thing was kind of flimsy. Anyway, the day before, I managed to contact this provider of end of tenancy cleaning in London. And they did a great job! I actually got my deposit back! My landlord couldn’t do a thing because the property looked spotless. Needless to say, I know who to call the next time I’m moving out!

-Stephan McCarthy
United Kingdom

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