Seven Best Real Estate APIs You Need to Know

Today, the real estate industry depends on up-to-date data like never before.

As properties are sold, listings change, and if an estate agent’s website or app includes too many dead listings, customers will become impatient and soon start using a competitor’s services.

However, it is quick and easy for estate agents to ensure their listings are up to date by using real estate APIs.

api for real estate agents

Application programming interfaces enable applications to communicate with another.

Developers can use APIs to build applications quickly. In the real estate world, they have many advantages besides maintaining up-to-date property listings. For instance, APIs can reduce workloads by automating tasks or they can be used to advertise estate agencies.

There are numerous real estate APIs on the market, and each one has its own features and functions.

So, you need to compare different ones to find out which is the best for your purposes. To help you get started, here are seven of the best real estate APIs you need to know about.


The real estate data api SimplyRETS is ideal for building or powering a real estate website or app. What makes this one stand-out is it supports numerous programming languages, including Python, Node.js, and Curl. Results are returned in a standard RESTful format. Quite simply, SimplyRETS is the ideal solution for integrating property listing data into a website or app.

Rets Rabbit

For integrating multimedia data into a real estate website or app, look no further than Pets Rabbit. The importing of property listings and photos from REST and ListHub is automated, and all information is stored in cloud servers. With the Pets Rabbit API, it is easy to connect a real estate website or app via one REST API.

Realtors Property Resource API

This free real estate API features a broad range of real estate data for the US. It supports SOAP and XML requests, which means it is ideal for developers not wishing to use REST or JSON.

real estate api


The Mashvisor API is all about rental analysis. Users can check rental rates for properties on both short-term and long-term listings, and receive price estimates for each one. You can also check details like occupancy and find single-night rates for Airbnb.


The Zillow API is robust and powerful, and it is also free. The property site Zillow receives more than 70% of US online property searches, and the Zillow API shares much of that data in a variety of ways. You can access millions of properties that are both for sale and for rent. Furthermore, the data you receive is given in real-time.

Rent Estimate

For budgeting and calculating rental rates for specific properties in different areas, you cannot go wrong with the Rent Estimate API. Simply customize parameters like the number of bedrooms, the square footage, and the type of property, to receive an estimate of how much tenants generally pay for such properties.


With more than 140 million property listings, the Estated API is one of the best real estate APIs on the market. For each property listed, you can retrieve over 150 individual data points, which are returned in standard JSON format. Another useful feature of Estated is it automates the mapping of data points into your website or app.