Best 5 Real Estate Slideshow Makers For 2022

Real estate is an ever-growing sector, and two of the primary things required for promotion and marketing in this business are either a slideshow or a video ads.

Slideshows are essential for advertising and showcasing your portfolio, building, and other details to targeted customers.

For stealing the attention of the buyers, these slideshows are considered ideal since they offer accurate listings. For creating a slideshow for real estate, you can consult professionals or take the help of professional software. Both of the methods should be opt keeping in mind your requirements.

Real Estate Marketing Tools

What is the benefit of video marketing strategy in real estate?

A real estate business relies excessively on engaging visual content. Visual content plays an essential role in unveiling the meaning of the prospective buyers. Since by seeing videos, people get the feel and enthralling experience about the home. This is advantageous for both the agents as well as the buyers. The information is quickly conveyed by real estate video advertisements for commercial marketing. Real estate videos may be a powerful tool for both buyers and sellers since they provide a far more comprehensive view of the property than a photograph or written description can provide.

Trust is one of the prime factors in real estate marketing. Since persuading people involves winning the trust by proving their significant worth. These factors are considered heavily compelling to an agent of real estate. Videos serve the applications by portraying the property listings, as well as the agent’s skills and talent.

While pictures accurately showcase the skills and worth, the videos accelerate the whole process.

If you have a strict budget and are not willing to bear the expenses of professional services, you don’t have to worry since there are a lot of readily available free tools. Some of the free programs are present in the list below.

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#1. Renderforest

It is one of the most popular real estate slideshow creators, which facilitates the creation of videos and slideshows in a speedy and hassle-free manner. The tool constitutes various templates in different categories, including real estate.

It is ideal to choose the template that goes with your real estate marketing theme and then customize the content to create an attractive slideshow.

Each real estate template constitutes a wide range of designs, scenes, and other specifications. The templates can be sorted based on trend, rating, and popularity. You can also find your desired template with the help of a search box.

#2. Canva

It is effortless to create a professional and impressive slideshow with the help of Canva. The tool consists of a massive collection of templates in numerous categories for meeting video creation requirements as an addition to real estate. The program can be accessed for the phones, web, and desktops.

Many users opt for the enterprise and pro version, which is paid and offers many additional features and templates. It consists of around 250,000 free-to-use designs and templates in multiple categories, including real estate. It also provides 5GB free cloud storage and various options to edit images.

#3. Invideo

This free tool offers templates for creating slideshows in several different categories. The users are only required to sign up, and they can make fantastic slideshows with the option for customizing the text, pictures, and animations. The media slides can also be added from the social media accounts of Instagram and Facebook, local system, and phone. It comes with several types of templates in real estate and other categories. Moreover, it allows adding media files from different social media platforms. It can be saved in MP4 video format.

The tool’s interface can be used conveniently by the users and offers multiple attractive editing features. The free version of this real estate slideshow maker tool provides a wide range of collections of features and templates.

#4. Animoto

Animoto is a renowned real estate slideshow designer tool that offers templates in the umpteenth classifications: real estate. The tool’s interface is not only simple to use but also very accessible for every user. The device is also home to different licensed songs that can be further added as background music.

The editing of the images is done through a built-in photo editor. With the help of free version videos, around 720p resolution can be created easily with swatches, fonts, and tracks. It is accurate for professionals, and more advanced features such as watermark, HD quality, and logo are available in the paid version.

Its key features include an additional option for adding the local media, a versatile collection of both videos and images, a user-friendly tool, selection of video aspect ratios according to requirements.

#5. MakerMoon

This tool contains various themes that can make your video slideshow more appealing. This free online app features an array of templates, and some of the commons among them include Market Update, Open House, and Just Sold. Additional features such as watermarks and templates are readily available in the accessible version of this fantastic tool.

The users go for the professional and personal premium versions for getting access to different available watermark-free files and templates. Although the free version still offers limited features still, it’s considered very useful for the users.

Some of its key features include adjusting the video aspect ratio according to the client’s specifications, being available with different templates in real estate, and various other categories.


Customer relationship management is regarded as a process that real estate companies use to comprehend their buyers’ desires and respond to them accordingly. Animated slideshows and videos have become the recent trend in the real estate business to capture the attention span of potential customers. Statistics, infographics accompanied by catchy figures are put up in slideshows to make the presentation more informative and productive.

With the escalating demands of the present-day home searchers, the requirement for generating an outstanding film has expanded twofold. In the present-day circumstances, you can’t just get away by merely adding a few photographs to a slideshow. You have to be excellent when making a presentation of photographs and videos combined with adequate background music.