Best Smart Home Gadgets

Whether you’re planning time away from home or just looking for a way to secure it better, technology has simple answers to keep your home safe. Smart gadgets simplify tasks, provide home security, and transform the way we live. Here are 8 gadgets to help limit security vulnerabilities indoors.

home gadgetsDropcam Pro

Sometimes building a fence or installing a deadbolt lock just isn’t enough to make a home secure. In this case, this smart surveillance camera helps to achieve it. These cameras have all the required options, and allow to monitor the house when you’re not there, via computer or smartphone app. This device lets you see who or what is lurking around the house. The pro version upgrades from plastic lens to glass and adds a motion sensor to the body.

Sleep Number c2 Bed

This great looking and comfortable bed not only tracks sleeping habits, but also analyzes the data and gives suggestions on how to improve your sleep. Both sides can be adjusted independently, allowing you and your spouse to get a great night’s sleep. The Sleep Number c2 Bed also tracks heart rate, breathing and movement during sleep hours.


This simple to use console takes the place of your light switches and turns the lights on automatically, using a small built-in camera. All you have to do is enter the room. They can be added all across the house and networked together, providing hands free lighting everywhere. On top of that, the NuBryte can also be used as a security camera.

fig 2Ecobee3

This digital thermostat is great – not only does it control your heating and air, but it also allows you to place sensors in rooms with hot or cold spots and keep the system on, until the right temperature is reached. It may also be controlled through an app on your smartphone and it’s compatible with Apple’s HomeKit.

Nest Smoke + CO Alarm

This smoke detector is easy to understand and to use. It tells you what’s wrong and it speaks instead of just beeping. When you are away, you will be notified about any problems by text, even when it’s time to replace the batteries.

To keep it quiet, just wave your arm under the detector. It also works together with Nest’s smart thermostat.


This device offers a great way to prevent costly water damage. Simply place the sensors where leaks can be most common (such as the toilet and the sinks). It only takes one drop for the sensor to notify about the problem. A handy app allows to receive alerts while you’re away and shows all the locations of the sensors, as well as the humidity and temperature of those areas. Installation of WallyHome is a great way to save money, considering the thousands you’d have to pay for water damages and leakages otherwise.

Stack Alba

Using embedded motion sensors, these futuristic light bulbs detect when you are in the room and turn on and off, accordingly. These bulbs also detect how much light is needed, and can work in conjunction with other smart devices, in order to provide more comfort for the user.

Leviton Humidity Sensor and Fan Control

Use this great sensor to keep moisture and mold out of the home. The sensor is wired to an exhaust fan, which starts to work when humidity gets too high. It offers multiple customizable options, such as automatic timeouts and sensor sensitivity adjustment.

It’s no second guess as to whether or not smart gadgets are the way to go for enhanced home security and simple usability. So it’s up to you to decide which option to go for.