Bidet: A Perfect Addition to Your New Bathroom

For most of us, there is nothing grander than the feeling of soft, three-ply toilet paper on our bottoms after a hearty meal. However, despite the amount of trust we put in a good sheet of toilet paper, there is a certain device that might just do a better job at cleaning your bum. And that device is a simple, clean, eco-friendly bidet.

Originally a French invention, the bidet is not widely used in English-speaking countries. Many people find bidets unsanitary, because they require the use of your own hands, and just plain complicated. But, through our little guide, we hope to show you a few great benefits of having a bidet and turn the public perception of this neat little bathroom addition around.


Bidets Are Clean

We already mentioned that people find bidets unsanitary – however, this is not true at all! Bidets are, in fact, quite a bit more sanitary than plain old toilet paper. Let’s face it – not all of us wash our hands for the prescribed two minutes after a trip to the bathroom, and that’s exactly what germs are counting on! Don’t give them the satisfaction!

But, in all seriousness, using a bidet is extremely health-beneficial to those already suffering from gastrointestinal illnesses. Haemorrhoids are vastly exacerbated by the use of toilet paper, and wiping after a strong bout of diarrhoea can create irritation or even incite an infection. In addition, urinary infections can largely be avoided with the use of a bidet, as you can thoroughly clean your front, just as thoroughly as you can clean your behind, something not really possible with toilet paper.


Bidets Are Adaptable

Technically, a bidet is just the nozzle that sprays your bottom. With that being said, modern bidets are installed directly into your toilet, eliminating the need of having to get up and move onto another bathroom element. Though the traditional bidet is, indeed, a separate element, most bidets can be installed into the toilet in the form of add-ons and modifications, so you can wash right then and there after you finish your business.

As for traditional bidets, they can be heavily modified as well. You can install a wide variety of mods, from variable nozzles, warm/cold air dryers, massage elements, heat and, perhaps most importantly, deodorising elements.


Bidets Are Affordable

Bidet attachments are very affordable for an average Joe. The cost of installing a bidet moves from as little as $25 to an average of about $100-$200. Though spending $100 on fancy toilet seat seems absurd, it’s even more absurd when you find out that people tend to spend about the same amount on toilet paper per month. In that sense, a bidet is not only affordable, but it’s also a cost-effective investment, that, in the long run, might save you an upwards of $1000 a year on a seemingly trifling commodity.


Bidets Are Septic System Friendly

A clogged toilet is any man’s worst nightmare – something that tends to happen when you’re using a lot of toilet paper. Having a bidet will remove unnecessary stuffing of your toilet after every meal, which will prevent clogging in the long run. Additionally, if you’re in an older building with an older plumbing system, it might be even more prudent to actually get a bidet, as old plumbing is even more prone to clogging and failure.


Bidets Are Environmentally Friendly

Another in the long list of benefits of a bidet is its eco-friendliness. Using a bidet greatly reduces paper waste, as well as reduces paper production, preserving a lot of trees in the process.

But this goes beyond saving a few trees. The paper industry uses a lot of energy and resources to produce toilet paper, and cities use a lot of energy and resources to dispose of it properly. With the use of a bidet, you will end up using very little toilet paper (or none at all), thus greatly reducing your carbon footprint. A perfect solution for those of you who are more environmentally conscious.



And that’s about all we have to say about bidets. They might be “a European thing”, but the benefits of having one outweigh the benefits of traditional toilet paper, with almost none of the shortcomings. In all, a bidet is a classy, eco-friendly, low-cost addition to your bathroom you should definitely give a second thought.

Image by midascode from Pixabay