Indoor Jungles, Tile Art and Festoon Lights Set to be the Biggest Home Trends of 2020

Grey has had its heyday when it comes to interior design, as new research reveals that British homes will be bolder and brighter in 2020.

Homeowners are becoming more adventurous in their choice of home décor, according to new research into interior trends[1], which found a staggering rise in the number of Brits looking for indoor jungles, tile art and festoon lights – as a new generation of homeowners are inspired by the likes of Love Island and online influencers.

Researchers at leading window and door manufacturer, Origin, found that demand for festoon lights, which are a prominent feature in the Love Island villa garden, has risen by almost a third since July 2018, as the Insta-worthy accessory moves to replace the humble fairy light.

Indoor Jungles, Tile Art and Festoon Lights Set to be the Biggest Home Trends of 2020The ultra-organised home is also set to have a moment next year, with internet sensations Marie Kondo and Mrs Hinch exploding in popularity in recent months. The demand for cupboard organisers increased by 125 percent over the last year. Fridge and kitchen organisers are also increasing in popularity as UK homeowners are inspired to become more organised.

The number of people incorporating wall or tile art in their homes has risen by almost a third since the summer of 2018, with the trend continuing to grow. Researchers also found a 26 percent increase in online searches for agate wallpaper, which mimics the marbled effect of agate gemstones, suggesting UK homeowners are moving away from block colours and towards bolder, more unusual prints. Similarly, demand for wall tapestries and neon lights is on the up as Brits opt for statement pieces to brighten their walls and create the ultimate Instagram-worthy look.

This is also the case outside the home. Brightly coloured front doors are increasing in popularity, with over 21,000 people in the UK hunting for coloured front doors in the last 12 months alone. With colours such as light green and blue growing in popularity, the streets of Britain are set to get brighter in 2020.

In addition, Brits are increasingly looking to maximise the amount of light in their home. The research found that UK homeowners are incorporating more glass in their properties in order to let in the maximum amount of natural light. Demand for glass homes is on the up, having already seen significant growth over the past year.

Commenting on this trend, Ben Brocklesby, Director at Origin, said: “There are a number of factors likely to be driving increased demand for more glass within the home. As the research show, Brits are becoming bolder with their colour and pattern choices both inside and out, with the Scandi trend for dark, moody colours and striking prints replacing neutral interiors in recent years. Incorporating large windows or glass doors is a great way to let more natural light into a property to counter these darker colour schemes.

Indoor Jungles, Tile Art and Festoon Lights Set to be the Biggest Home Trends of 2020“Aside from this, the trend could be down to the fact that Brits are now less private. The rise of social media platforms like Instagram has made us more likely to overshare. We are happier living in a ‘goldfish bowl’ and willing to compromise our privacy for better lighting.”

Crittall doors and windows, a firm favourite amongst Instragrammers, are also making a comeback, with almost 50 percent more renovators opting to use the traditional style both externally and inside their homes.

It’s no secret that we have become a nation of houseplant lovers and the obsession is set to escalate as Brits seek bigger, wilder and more unruly plants than ever before. The trend for potted plants has been gaining momentum for several years, with social media fuelling the growth and helping to transform the reputation of the houseplant amongst a new generation of millennial homeowners. With 50 percent more people creating the ‘indoor jungle’ look this year, this infatuation is only growing, as plant lovers strive to fill their homes with more untamed greenery than ever before.

Brits’ obsession with wild, tumbling plants doesn’t stop inside as hanging garden plants have increased in popularity by 56 percent. Ideal for those with a smaller outdoor space or a balcony, the trend is expected to rise as platforms like Instagram, where the hashtag #plantsofinstagram has now been used over three million times, continue to inspire a generation of young gardeners.

Commenting on the research, Ben Brocklesby, concludes: “We speak to thousands of homeowners every year so have unique insight into the trends and influences affecting UK home design. We were interested to find out more about the trends we have already seen on the rise, as well as new, emerging themes that we can expect to see more of in the coming year.

“As we suspected, the Instagram-effect has had a huge impact on the trends we are seeing in UK interiors. Accessories like hanging houseplants, neon signs and crittall windows are all making a come back thanks to the huge influence social media has on our buying behaviour. We are looking forward to watching these trends develop and seeing what the next 12 months has in store for UK homes and interiors.”

Top 10 Home Trends for 2020

1. Houseplants
2. Tile art
3. Agate wallpaper
4. Wall tapestries
5. Festoon lights
6. Crittall doors and windows
7. Neon lights
8. Coloured front doors
9. Hanging baskets
10. Cupboard organisers

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