How to Create a Boho Living Room

For years, bohemians have been recognized for producing stunning homes because of their creative tendencies and casual flair. The free-spirited style conjures up images of oriental fabrics, an abundance of candles, inspirational art, and decoration. Why don’t you incorporate this design into your living room? Read on to find out how!

boho living room

The neutral palette as a base

While earthy tones predominate in most boho-style interiors, bright accent colours may be employed to draw the eye to a particular area or piece of furniture. Incorporating a boho-chic style into your living room will make it seem eclectic and cosy, and it will also give your house a more lived-in vibe.

Boho is all about natural colours, like bleached woods, so if you want to include this style in your living room, steer clear of dark colours like black or dark wood since these colours tend to be heavy. Your bohemian living room will be a blank canvas waiting to be filled with vibrant colours, patterns, and textures when you choose lighter hues as the base. It is possible to anchor a space with darker components, but overdoing it will result in an industrial-style decor.

Play with textures

Bohemian, sometimes known as “boho,” is a popular home design style that is diverse by its very nature. In boho design, there are no rules. However, there’s one principle that many boho designers follow: “more is more”, especially when it comes to combining textiles, rugs, and pillows.

It’s easy and cost-effective to give a unique look to your home by layering patterns and textures. Take a few new decor pieces into the room to understand what fits where. If there’s too much, you can always rearrange and remove things. Adding a touch of bohemia to the floor might be as simple as layering real cowhide rugs with Persian mats.

boho design

Incorporate multiple light sources

In a bohemian-themed living room, it isn’t easy to envisage only one light source. If you’re planning a romantic evening with your significant other, a lazy Saturday spent curled up with a book, or a party at your house, you’ll need various lighting options to help you create the perfect mood. Whatever your preference, you have the option to use pendants, chandeliers, or even string lights. Scented candles are also an excellent way to play with light while also adding some fragrance to the room.

Plants as decor

For bohemian style, add as many plants as possible. Plants provide gorgeous green colour and a natural vibe to your final design. Indoor plants have been shown to improve our health and well-being. Plants are also a great way to bring the outdoors in. As soon as you’ve chosen your plants, it’s time to have some fun with the pots you’ll use to display them. You may even add some hanging plants to create a unique focal point in your area.

Several varieties of philodendrons and succulents can survive in a wide range of temperatures. Cacti need just occasional watering and plenty of sunshine while providing a beautiful window-sill feature.

Add an accent wall

Accent walls are a design feature that is very popular with basically any style. Pick out a wall in your living room, for example, the one behind your couch, and make it pop. You can stick some wallpaper to it or pick out a colour that coordinates with other decor items in your room. Decorate it with rattan mirrors and pictures of your loved ones. You may also hang some shelves and fill them with potted plants and books.