How To Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal At Every Budget

We all naturally want to make our house look better. Whether it is just for personal satisfaction or we want to increase the resale value of our property, there is always a room for improvement. It is advisable to always start at the exterior part of the house as it will be the part that most people get their first impression towards our house. A great looking curb is a difference between a mediocre looking house and a magnificent one.

As there are actually dozens of home design improvements you can do for your curb, we have narrowed down 10 tips for you.


Replace Garage Doors

One of the biggest parts of your curb is your garage door. This attracts a lot of attention so you may want to replace those boring and flat looking doors with a better one. You can upgrade them through the installation of more visually appealing doors with moldings, windows, or you can give your house an old fashion carriage look. Changing your garage doors can cost you around $3,000 – $8,000 depending on what type and design you want in your door.


Remove Siding

You can remove the siding and repair the old wood on it. It will be much better if you will replace the siding depending on your budget and preference. Just remember, it is important to visualize what kind of siding makes the most sense to put on your curb. For instance, vinyl lap siding is very stylish but they tend to buckle up. Wood siding can give a natural and elegant look in your exterior but can be very costly and may need refinishing every few years. While fiber cement material can be a very low maintenance siding but is usually more expensive than vinyl.


Lose the Funky Railings

For $1000 to $10,000, there are already countless of options to choose from to replace those old and ugly railings. The most porch has black iron bars or chunky pressure-treated decking components that look really horrible. Why don’t you try to install a more visually interesting banister and spindle instead?


Install a Salvaged Door

The typical door that is typically installed in most houses today is dull and boring. It is very crucial to have a beautiful door because it is the focal point of your house. Try to consider looking for a recycled door from the colonial times which are usually made out of oak with a six-panel glass or windows. They can be tough to find but they are very rewarding once found. The price can range from about $400 to $1,600 but if you want to convert it to a standard opening to an arch top, you may have to spend more.


Add Moldings

You can look for a constructor to add some more flavor to your house by adding moldings onto it. It can give your house a more traditional and elegant feel by cutting that siding and putting in wide flat moldings around the opening and at the other corners of the house. We recommend that you use PVC instead of real wood to your moldings because PVC can look like wood but it will never rot.


Enhance the Roof

With the help of an architect, you can enhance your roof by adding gabled peaks or windowed dormers. You can also extend the eaves a few feet longer and add some more detailed moldings into it. Just avoid having a straight, plain roofline because it will make your house look like a shipping container. You may need to spend $2500 to $10000 per dormer or per extension.


Replace Light Fixture and Hardware

Get rid of that shiny brass or black house numbers and mailboxes. You can also remove those porch lights, especially the bare-bulb fixtures, and replace them with something unique and sizeable. Antique looking designs made of copper, bronze, and nickel are advisable.


Plan For a Non-Stop Flower Show

Most of the plans are very generic and they only bloom during one particular season. So if it is not the season yet, it will leave your yard to be very plain and bland for 10 months a year. A trip to a local nursery or flower shop can help you redesign your yard. Just do not forget to choose and plants bulbs, shrubs, and trees that bloom during different seasons so there will all always be something performing in your yard.


Add a Front Porch

If you don’t have one yet, adding a front porch can transform your house into something a whole lot better. A front porch doesn’t only add beauty to houses, it can also have a welcoming and warm effect to other people. A nice porch can provide comfort, elegance, and a gathering place for family and friends.


Add Colour

A paint job can help your house be more structural appealing. Just stay away from bright and high contrast colors that can overwhelm and exaggerate your house’s flaws. A good choice can be the colours of nature like muted green, deep reds, and pale yellow.