Britain is addicted to property

Britain is officially obsessed with property. New research reveals that 63% of Brits go online to view homes that they have no intention of buying.

The data provided by Direct Line Home Insurance shows that 2.6 million people are addicted to property and browse websites related to homes at least once a day.

They are eager to stay updated on prices and design trends as well as daydreaming about how their future homes will look like.

Property addicts in South Yorkshire show the most enthusiasm, with 74% of adults in Sheffield admitting to going online most often to research property prices and trends.

The residents of London and Newcastle make up the top 3, with 72% and 70% of adults in those cities performing similar searches on a regular basis.

Belfast, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Liverpool and Birmingham also have property addicts, even though the number is less than those in the top three.

In total, 38% of Britons admit to using property websites to check the price of someone else’s home in the past year.

Popular searches include

  • Homes of family members
  • Homes of neighbours
  • Ex-lovers’ homes
  • Homes of new partners
  • Homes of friends and colleagues

Katie Lomas, head of Direct Line Home Insurance comments: “Our obsession as a nation comes with very good reason. We have made our homes our castles and owning a home or even getting to the top of the ladder in the UK is a great challenge and an aspiration of most people.”

She adds: “Property sites serve as a source of information and inspiration, and going through these online resources has now become something of a passtime for millions in the UK.”

The research conducted by Direct Line also shows some interesting results regarding certain demographics. For instance, people aged between 18 and 34 are most likely to window shop using online property sites, while more men use property sites than women.

Men who window shop online do so up to nine times per month, while women visit these sites do so six times per month.

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