How cash home buyers can get you out of trouble

cash home buyers can get you out of trouble

Whether selling or buying a property, you’re usually part of several separate transactions that form a chain, with each link relying on the previous exchange. However, this chain can quickly become weakened, if one person is no longer interested or unable to purchase a property then a ripple effect can be caused affecting people further up the chain who can no longer complete on their property without a person buying their house.

A breakdown of a property chain can be stressful as a seller quickly tries to find another buyer to ensure they can still secure the property they’ve been buying. Typically, those buying a new house will use the funds from the sale of their home to secure a deposit but there are those prepared to pay cash that can help in these situations.

What is a cash buyer?

A cash buyer is exactly what the name would suggest, it’s someone looking to purchase a property with money they already have. Typically, these buyers are removed from the property chain and can therefore offer a quicker way to sell a home if you need to sell fast.

How can a cash buyer benefit you?

Going through an estate agent usually means you can put your feet up for most of the process. However, this can take a while and you will pay fees which can often be based on a commission basis.

The alternative to this would be to sell it yourself, which could give you more freedom and avoid estate agent’s fees. While this does give a seller more independence, the greater control means you must source your own marketing and organise the viewings yourself.

While the traditional and independent route both have their pros and cons, selling your home to a cash buyer could be a better option for you. Through this avenue, you could find that your sale is completed much quicker and with little hassle.

Alongside this there are plenty of other benefits such as:

  • Less delays – Taking organisation into your own hands means that if you remain on the ball you can cut down on the delays and problems that could arise with an estate agent or bank.
  • Less chance of being let down – It always happens, you get your hopes up for closure on a deal, but then a third party loses paper work, selling to a cash buyer cuts out the annoying middle man.
  • An alternative solution – Maybe your property has been on the market for months or years and you’re just having no luck selling it. Turning to a cash buyer can be the route to take to finally get your property off the market when traditional means fail you.
  • Can provide an effective solution – Whether you need to sell due to a divorce or monetary problems, selling to a cash buyer can provide a quick and easy way solution to various problems.
  • Saving money – Many cash buyers will organise the surveying and legal fees on their behalf, this means that you don’t need to worry about all the extra costs such as estate agent fees.

Companies like specialise in offering a cash buyer option to those in need of a quick sale. The service emphasises on transparency and offering a fair price for any property offered. As people start to move away from the traditional estate agent method and look towards a quick sell that won’t compromise the property chain.