Thursday, 24 September 2020

Which home improvements add most value to your property?

Research conducted by peer-to-peer loan company Zopa reveals the average home improvement adds more than 10% to the value of a residential property. The...

How to plan a loft conversion

An increasing number of house owners are adding value to their properties by investing in a loft conversion. Not only do loft conversions increase the...
Block Out Roller Blinds

Block Out Roller Blinds for Home: Some Great Advantages

If you are thinking about renovating your room, then one of the simplest thing you can do to transform the place is to put...
apartment security

How to Make Your Apartment Safe and Secure

When it comes to the safety and security of your apartment, there can be no compromises. Apartment buildings in urbanised areas are the primary...

How to Easily Clean and Organise Your Garage

If you have an untidy garage and are looking to improve the space, few tips that might help you make this entire process a bit easier...
Looking after Unoccupied Properties - Maintenance is Key

How to Keep your Unoccupied Property Safe

Empty properties – especially if furnished – can prove an appealing target to thieves, as well as fall victim to many other problems... Check...

Tips on selling your home faster and increasing its value

Whilst selling your home can be a long, difficult proccess, This guide should help make the experience easier if you follow these simple steps.
Importance of Security Doors

Importance of Security Doors

In this article, you will find out more about the importance of security doors in your home as well as the various types of security door, including steel security wire and diamond grille...
How to Avoid Blocked Pipes Around the Home

How to Avoid Blocked Pipes Around the Home

In this article, get the lowdown on how you can avoid pipes in your home being blocked and how you can solve the issue...
Natural Materials Full Moodboard

Revealed: The Best Home Trends Right Now

Check out this latest article with all the best home trends right now including Floral fabrics and wallpaper and Black bathroom fittings