Wednesday, 29 June 2022
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Three simple ways you can scale your property business to six figures

When most people consider property investment and management, they likely think of purchasing a property that’s run-down or undervalued and doing some renovations with...
How Much Will My Foundations Cost

How Much Will My Foundations Cost in the UK?

When it comes to any construction project, the foundation cost is the element that can be the most difficult to calculate.  And you certainly...
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3 essential tips for first time property investors

Property investing has the potential to be highly lucrative. According to Seven Capital’s 2021 UK Property Investment Report, in 2020, UK house and rental...

Where to buy property in the USA for £250,000 or less (2021)

A quarter of a million is no small amount of money and can be put to good use across the pond to bag you...
Buying Property as a Limited Company

Buying Property as a Limited Company – Advantages and Disadvantages

It used to be the case that only a tiny minority of property investors would buy a house through a limited company. With changes...
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Why Should Businesses Invest in pop up stores in London?

London is the heart of the United Kingdom. Doing business here gives you the exposure you need to grow your brand. Whether you’re into...

Buying Real Estate in Istanbul: A House Hunting Guide

If you are looking for a property for sale in Istanbul, in this article you will find valuable recommendations on choosing a house or...
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The Intricacies of Buying Prime Real Estate

There are a few real estate investing secrets that genuinely benefit the buyer and seller alike. Few people understand these nuances when it comes...

The Most and Least Expensive Cities in Portugal to Buy Property

In recent years, foreign investors have ‘discovered’ Portugal and there are a number of reasons for this surge in investment. Southern Portugal can guarantee almost...
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Is Buy-to-let worth it? Still a good Investment?

With changes to the tax laws, increasing regulation and uncertainty surrounding the property market, are buy-to-let investments in the UK a secure choice?