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Hotel Property News & Insights

Hotel Property News & Insights – 12/02/2019

Check out 5 top stories this week from The Hotel Property Team as they bring you the latest news and insights from the world of Hotel Property.

Diversification – The Property Investment Trend for 2018

The past couple of years have really highlighted two facts seasoned investors have long known. 1: Property, in general, is a great asset class for...
6 Proven Techniques for Buying Your Villa in Turkey

6 Proven Techniques for Buying Your Villa in Turkey

Many travellers have decided to make Turkey their home. Due to the affordable rates of property many have bought villas, check out these things to consider

Areas in the South with great shared ownership options

In this article, find out more about the popular areas in the south of England like Cornwall and Devon where there are great shared ownership options...

Help and Advice: Choosing a Letting Agent to Manage your Property

There are hundreds of Letting Agents in the UK, all claiming to be the best in the business. With this in mind, it can...

M is for Mortgages | Lending Changes in the BTL Market

M is for Mortgages, and other sweeping changes in lending affecting the buy-to-let market for investors Changes in taxation, or more specifically capital gains tax...

Should you borrow more or repay your home loan?

With mortgage rates at an all-time low and unlikely to rise any time soon, many borrowers are considering cashing in on the rising value...

British investors face increased competition in Spain

With the Spanish property market’s recovery continuing, interest among British investors is a key factor contributing to a recent rise in purchase activity. In addition...
UK Property Investment – There is More Than London

UK Property Investment – There is More Than London

London has always been seen as a great property investment, but is it time for investors to look further North? This article explores other possible locations for investment.

How to be a successful property investor

Winners are winners for a reason. Success doesn't simply come to anyone. In fact, there are certain characteristics that make you a winner and...