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Types of Rental Properties: Which Is Right for You?

Renting a home is one of the most stressful things in the real estate industry at the moment. Being a tenant means you don’t...

Ways you can transform your rental property with composite decking

There are many methods of enhancing the value of your rental property in the United Kingdom, ranging from small repairs like electrical repair to...
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A beginner’s Guide to Buy/Sell HMO Property

A multi-family home is a single property, so selling your home requires a special method. If you are a tenant looking for a home or...

The Top 5 Things Renters Want to See Before Signing a Contract

When it comes to renting a property, there are several things renters would like to see before they sign a contract. More specifically, the...
Deregulation Act Landlords

The housing deregulation act 2015 – what does it mean for landlords?

Landlords must comply with the Deregulation Act 2015 or face hefty fines and lose the ability to evict troublesome tenants. Here we explain the implications of The Act for landlords.
5 Things to know before letting your property in 2020

5 Things to know before letting your property in 2021

With changes to the law and legislation coming into force, Check out this article for more information on letting your property out in 2020
Landlord Health and Safety

Health and Safety in Rented Properties

Landlords are responsible for ensuring that their properties are safe for tenants to occupy. So they must keep up to date with all the health and safety regulations for private rented properties.

The responsibilities of private landlords

Private Landlords are required to fulfil a number of legal responsibilities. Your tenancy agreement will give details of what your landlord is responsible for so...
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Furnished Or Unfurnished? Which Is Better For Landlords And Tenants?

As a landlord, the decision to rent a property furnished or unfurnished is entirely yours to make. Here are a few things to consider when deciding whether to rent your property furnished or unfurnished.
Landlord Fire Safety

Landlord’s Fire Safety Regulations and Risk Assessment for Rental Properties

You might believe that a fire or a case of carbon monoxide poisoning at your property is unlikely. But every year, many people fall...