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The Latest Hotel Property News & Insights

The Latest Hotel Property News & Insights – 28/05/2019

Check out 5 top stories this week [28/05/2019] from The Hotel Property Team as they bring you the latest news and insights from the world of Hotel Property.

House prices set to accelerate further

An acute shortage of homes for sale has led forecasters to predict UK property prices will rise by more than 20% over the next...
Luxury Property Show

World’s Most Luxurious Homes on Display at Europe’s Only Luxury Property Show

Check out the World's most luxurious homes that are currently for sale. Find out more about these and the upcoming Luxury Property Show in London
First time buys unprepared for additional costs

Don’t get caught out: First time buys unprepared for additional costs

Buying a house is as simple as saving up a deposit, securing a mortgage, then making an offer, right? In simple terms, yes, but...
the london eye

International investment will boost London property values

Demand for commercial and residential property from overseas investors will see values in London continue to rise, according to real estate advisory specialist Colliers...

The best accommodation advice an LSE student will ever receive

It’s no fun being a student and having to live miles from your university campus. But with student rents in private accommodation well in...

How the estate agency market is being disrupted for home sellers

How a new type of estate agency model is bridging the divide between high street businesses and online only outfits

House flipping tips and guidelines

Buying, renovating and then selling a property for profit is a practice commonly referred to in the real estate business as flipping. Following such...

Vacant properties need protecting. A look at Newton House in Bristol

There are roughly 6,000 properties sitting vacant in Bristol whilst thousands more people are waiting for affordable places to live. Whilst local councils are...

The Tenants Draft Bill

A new Tenants' Fees Bill was one of the key proposals announced in the Queen's Speech to Parliament which took place  on the 21st...