Saturday, 31 July 2021
buy-to-let property

What To Look For When Buying A Buy To Let Property

Looking to buy an apartment for let in London? Here's some factors you may want to consider.

Average House Prices in North Ireland grows by 2.4%

According to a government report, North Ireland or NI saw a growth rate of 2.4% for an average house price, going up to €143,205....

Leasehold Reform – ability to extend property leases at zero ground rent

Those who own leasehold properties will now be able to extend their lease by up to 990 years and pay no ground rent. The government...

Survey reveals how lockdown has changed the way Brits see their homes

Having spent large periods of 2020 in various states of lockdown, British people have been in their own homes for longer than ever before. But...
Online estate agents receive five-star reviews

The Best Online Estate Agents in the UK for 2021

Would you use an online estate agent to sell your home? Here’s why a rising number of vendors and landlords are saving thousands of pounds
property portal

New Property Portal Integrates Big Data Insights for Buy-to-Let Landlords

These days, the process of buying a house normally starts online with a search on one of the big property portals. You enter a...

Rural areas slapped with highest council tax bills while Londoners have some of the...

Council tax is something we all have to pay to cover things such as rubbish collection and pay for the police, fire and other...
Homes Under the Hammer Lucy Alexander

TV favourite backs new Rental Passport for house hunters

As demand for rental properties hits a high in the UK, Homes Under the Hammer’s Lucy Alexander is backing a new Rental Passport that will help...

Top tips for selling a house in 2021

2020 has been a year unlike any other. A global pandemic, a national lockdown and unprecedented economic measures from the government. Whilst life is still...
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Top 10 Most Affordable UK Cities For First Time Buyers

Getting a foot on the property ladder is more difficult than ever before, especially at the moment. However, in some areas of the UK,...