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Can tenants get out of a fixed-term tenancy?

Read this article to find out if tenants can get out of a fixed-term tenancy.

Signing a rental lease guide

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Lending changes for Landlords

Portico London estate agents recently put on a sell-out investment seminar, where a host of industry experts gathered to share their insight on some hot...

Freehold enfranchisement – how is the premium calculated?

Leaseholders considering enfranchising the freehold of their flats are often unsure how the premium to purchase the freehold will be calculated.  This is not...
How to sell your house without an estate agent

How to sell your house without an estate agent

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How To Get My Full Deposit Back

Click here to find out how to get your deposit back from your landlord when your tenancy comes to an end.
Block Management

Block Management Problems: How hiring the wrong agent led to higher insurance costs and...

Through our work with leaseholders and Resident Management Committees (RMC) boards we have come across a high number of flat owners who are dissatisfied...
Landlords 12 FAQs

Landlords 12 FAQs: Before, During and After the Tenancy

Being a landlord isn’t easy. With all the tenant horror stories out there, it can be quite scary. You want to generate more income,...

Buying or Selling Your Home: Energy Performance Certificates

An EPC acts as a guide to would-be property buyers reviewing a property. It is used to evaluate how energy sufficient a home is. Click here to find out more.

Regain possession of your rental property | Landlord Resources | #9

A change in the law restricting a landlord’s right to issue tenants with notices to quit their property came into force at the start...