6 checks buyers WILL do before putting an offer on your property

If you are planning to put your next property on the market, you need to be prepared. You may have purchased the property and spent some time refurbishing it before a resale but have you been focussing on revamping the right areas?

You need to understand what a potential buyer is going to be looking for. It’s time to put yourself in their shoes. If you were going to purchase a property, what would you look for? You would want to make sure that there are no underlying problems that are going to result in a big expenditure on your behalf, right? So, with that being said, below, we are going to explore the six checks that homeowners will definitely do before buying your property. This will enable you to make sure your property is presented in the perfect condition and there is nothing that is going to put anyone off from making an offer.

The Condition of The Roof

condition of the roof

The roof is one part of the property we do not tend to give a lot of consideration to when we live in it. However, this is going to be one of the first things that people check when viewing your property. This is because roofs cost a lot of money – a new roof can cost between £5,000 to £6,000+ according to roofcosts.co.uk. If your roof is a potential safety risk, you can be sure that this is going to put people off from making an offer. No one wants to move into a property and then have to pay for a new roof.

Is There Any Subsidence


There are a number of tell-tale signs of subsidence that property buyers are going to be looking out for. This includes sticking windows and doors. If doors and windows are sticking for no clear reason, subsidence can often be the problem. The main symptom, however, cracks. Cracks are a notorious sign of subsidence. They tend to appear either externally in the brickwork or internally in plasterwork.

What is the EPC rating

EPC rating

When buying a property, the buyer is definitely going to want to get an energy performance certificate for your home. It is definitely advisable that you get this beforehand so you can determine whether or not your home has a good EPC rating. The best EPC rating you can get is A. This represents the most energy-efficient properties, with between 92 and 100 SAP points. Next, we have a B rating on the EPC scale, with between 81 and 91 SAP points. You are going to need to have a valid Energy Performance Certificate in place if you want to sell your home.

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Any Sign of Asbestos


When a potential buyer has a property report carried out, one of the things they are going to look for is the presence of asbestos. Asbestos is now illegal, yet it was used in properties that were built before the 1970s. Therefore, if you have an old home, there could be the presence of asbestos. You will need to get this removed before you are able to sell your property. There are specialist companies that can provide this service for you.

Boiler and water supply


You are also going to need to ensure the water supply and boiler are in good condition. It is advisable to get your boiler serviced before you put your property on the market. This is a great way to make sure that your boiler is in good working order. If it is not, any issues can be rectified before you attempt to sell your home. You will notice that most home viewers are also going to turn the taps on to check your water supply as well.

Circuits and wiring

property wiring

Last but not least, a potential homeowner is going to want to make sure that all of the electric works effectively before they make an offer. They will probably want to know who supplies your electricity, although this is something they can change, so you don’t need to worry about that. They will want to make sure that everything is in full working order, so make sure your electricity meter is operating as it should be.

So there you have it: six of the checks that potential buyers are bound to carry out before they buy a property. It is important that you are aware of this so that you can do the checks before they do. If you notice a problem, you will be in a position to rectify it before anyone views your property. Not only will this increase the chances of you being made an offer, but it will also increase the chances of you selling your property at a price you are happy with.