Choosing a House in 2018

The process of choosing and buying a house maybe have been streamlined in some sense since the rise of the internet age, but the majority of those who have been through the process will agree that it can sometimes be an overwhelming experience. If you are in the market for a new home, here are some things to think about. Some will appear obvious, others not so much.

Finding the right location

One of the oldest and most widely known axioms of property research is location, location, location. And this is no less important now than it ever has been. There is a great multitude of location factors that will have a bearing on the value of your property, from the proximity to transport links and good schools, down to whether or not your new home lies on a main road, or a quiet dual carriage way.

Condition of the Property

The state of a property upon viewing can fuel different buyer intents, depending on what that person is looking to do. For those wanting to move in straight away, and turn a house into a home, the site of an outdated bathroom or dampness might be enough to send them running a mile. And so it should it you have no ambitions to take on a DIY heavy project.

Investors who are in the business of flipping properties for profit, however, might be looking at problems like these with ambition. Some of the elements that go into making a property with potential include areas where improvements could be made to increase its value. Some things are worth avoiding, however. Things like Japanese knotweed infestations and subsidence are renowned by estate agents as being problems you should absolutely avoid.

Putting in an Offer

The approach that people take when it comes to buying a house can differ, depending on the circumstances. A lot of experts will advise buyers to not put in offers massively above the home report of a house, but in areas where there is a high demand for housing, this might simply not be possible.

In other cases, you might be more inclined to attend a property auction, where dozens of homes will go under the hammer every day. The stakes are higher in these situations, as people are under a greater amount of pressure to make a decision there and then, but for that very same reason you might find yourself in the position of getting a really good deal on a property.

Buying a house in many ways can be seen as one of the most complicated financial transactions that any average person will go through in life. Dealing with a combination of the previous home owners, the estate agents, and the lawyers can often leave you feeling like you’re spinning plates whilst trying to finalise each individual element.

Once you have a good understanding of what goes into making an informed decision when buying a house, you can move forward in your search for a property that suits you.