We are Choosing a New Seating Group. What are the Options?

Choosing a new seating group is not as easy as it may seem at first glance. Our rooms are not inflatable, and if you have a very specific idea, even a wide range of retailers may not satisfy you. What are your options today?

seating group

Start with a thorough measuring

Before you even start choosing a new seating group on the Internet or in brick-and-mortar stores, you should measure carefully the space in which the seating group is to be placed. Never choose a new seating group just by eyeballing. You must have the exact dimensions of the space in which the seating group is to be placed. Take into account the furniture that will be in the room if it has not already been furnished in this respect.

People usually have a bad guess. Some people are maximalists who want a big seating group. Another part of people prefers unnecessary small seating groups due to fears that a room will be crowded with furniture.

If you take the time to plan carefully, you can’t choose the wrong dimensions. In addition to the room itself, measure also the width of the doors and access corridors. Otherwise, you may find that you choose a seating group that is sized for your living room, but you simply cannot get it into the room. This is especially true for corner seating groups, which are delivered assembled.

sofa and blanket

One big seating group or a set of several pieces?

Think about whether you prefer a large sofa or a set consisting of several pieces. Whether because of moving mentioned in the previous section or because of the design. As a rule, big corner seating groups or even U-shaped pieces are more practical. In addition to sitting, you can comfortably lie down or even sleep on them. A set of separate pieces of furniture looks airier. So whoever bets on design, they often choose this option.
The same is true if you are choosing between a multifunctional seating group with storage space or the possibility of arranging the seating group so your visitor can sleep on it, or the overall appearance of the room is important to you. Folding seating groups often take the form of ‘blocks’ that fill rooms excessively.

Furniture that serves only one purpose, on the other hand, will allow you to design an airy interior. A seating group makes a much ‘lighter’ impression and is easier to combine with other pieces of furniture.

Which upholstery material to choose?

Upholstery material from which a seating group is made also plays an important role. You can choose between leather or fabric seating groups. But you can also choose from a wide range of types of fabrics, colours, patterns, etc.

It does not just matter what you like to look at and what will suit your room. The individual upholstery materials differ in their durability. So, we also choose according to how much and for what purposes a seating group will be used.

You should not forget the impregnation for a new seating group, which will help protect the seating group from soiling.